The Ancient Chinese Practice of Fengshui

Translated as “Wind-Water”, fengshui is an ancient Chinese practice of becoming harmonized with your surroundings. Fengshui is an essential part of Chinese life and of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but its focus is on homes, businesses and other buildings, as opposed to the human body. Fengshui is still focused on Qi though, and the aim of this practice is to place a manmade environment on spots with strong Qi, and to ensure that Qi flows effortlessly through that environment.

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A Look Inside Level 2 Spring Forest Qigong – SFQ for Healing

Following our review of Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Fundamentals Level 1, it is now time to introduce how Qi can be used for the benefit of healing others. In SFQ Level 2, the entire book is aimed at this, and focuses on introducing more Qigong theory, healing techniques and methods for cultivating healing energy to help others open energy blockages.

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