Tea has 6 colors with different health effects

Tea can be said the healthiest beverage, the gift given by God. It can not only be refreshing, but also prevent three high (high blood pressure, high blood sugar – diabetes, and hyperlipidemia). Different degrees of roasting give tea different health effects.

Chinese tea production processes can be divided into six categories, namely white tea, oolong tea (dark green tea), yellow tea, black tea, green tea, and dark tea. Each type of tea has the different health effect. People who interested can have a look at which one is suitable for them.

  1. White tea

White tea is made from the tea leaves collected at early spring. By this time, tea leaves and tea buds are the tenderest. The skin of the green leaves is covered with white fuzz. After the harvesting of tea leaves, dried by the sun and gentle heat, it is processed without withering and rolling. The oxidation degree of white tea is approximately 10 to 30%. The Baihao Yinzhen, white peony and Gongmei from the Northeast part of Fujian Province are the most famous ones.

The name of white tea was first appeared in the book “The Classic of Tea”, written by Lu Yu from Tang Dynasty. In the book, it is recorded that “15 km east of Yongjia County has a white tea mountain.” In the book Compendium of Materia Medica, it says: “white tea’s property is cold, functioned like rhinoceros’ horn”. Therefore, white tea has can cool down the inside temperature. The tea polysaccharide contained in white tea has the certain effect on diabetes. The flavonoids that are rich in white tea can protect the liver.

Additionally, modern science has proved that white tea can kill bacteria. Dr. Milton Schiffenbauer from Pace University, New York, claims when putting white tea into the tooth paste, and then apply the tooth paste on the experiment station with bacteria. The anti-bacteria ability of the toothpaste has improved significantly.

There is additional research shows that white tea has anti-virus effect and can improve eyesight. Diabetes patients and people who easily get herpes labials should drink more white tea.

  1. Oolong tea (dark green tea)

Oolong tea belongs the semi-fermented dark green tea, green leaves with red edges. It has both the strong flavor of green tea and the sweetness of the black tea. After withering, roasting, stirring and several processes, the color of tea presents in black. The property of the tea is neither cold nor warm. The Tieguanyin from Fujian and Tungting Oolong are good quality oolong.

Oolong is beneficial to the patients with “three high” (high blood pressure, high blood sugar – diabetes, and hyperlipidemia), which is also suitable for majority of the people.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is unfermented tea, wherein the green tea extract can improve the activity of the liver detoxification enzyme, inhibit the spread of the tumor, and reduce the chance of cancer cell metastasis. Good quality green tea has Long Jing, Bi Luo Chun and Ri Zhao lv.

Green tea’s property is cold. Because it is unfermented, the 85% of the tea polyphenols can keep in the fresh leaves. The loss of vitamin and other nutrients are limited. Therefore, frequent drinking green tea can delay the aging, radiation, killing bacteria, anti-inflammatory and also enhance the immunity of human body. It is suggested that people, who are busy with work and use the computer frequently, should drink more green tea.

However, green tea has the anticoagulant effect. So if you use aspirin to prevent blood clots, before surgery or have difficulty in coagulation of wounds, you should avoid drinking green tea.

Green tea contains caffeine; strong green tea can accelerate the heartbeat and stimulate the central nervous system of the brain. Therefore, patients with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other conditions should not drink strong tea.

  1. Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is microbial fermentation. In comparison to green tea, it has one more procedure of smother. The digestive enzymes produced during the smother process are beneficial to the stomach and promote the fat metabolism.

Mengding Huangya, Huoshan Huangya and Junshan Yinzhen are very good quality yellow tea. People who have indigestion, loss of appetite and obesity can drink more yellow tea.

  1. Black Tea

Black tea is fully fermented. The degree of fermentation is 80 to 90 percent. Fully fermented black tea has warm property and sweet taste. After Cold Dew into the autumn, the weather is getting cold faster. Drinking black tea can warm the stomach. Adding the appropriate level of milk and sugar is beneficial to people who have stomach issues or weak stomach. High-quality black tea has Zhengshan Black tea and Dianhong.

  1. Dark Tea

Dark tea undergone microbial fermentation made the property of the tea even more moderate. Drinking dark tea frequently can reduce fat. The clinical trials show that the Pu-erh, one type of dark tea, has the effects of lower cholesterol and blood lipids. It is also helpful for cardiovascular disease.

Dark tea is particularly suitable for people with obesity or someone who likes to eat meat. “Ripped” Pu-erh tea (shu cha), Anhua dark tea, and Guangxi Liubao Tea are all top grade dark tea.