6 tips to pick good Pu-erh tea

Many people like drinking tea, especially when they drink the strong flavor Pu-erh tea. It will be hard to forget the wonderful multiple layered taste. However, there is extensive knowledge in Pu-erh. The variety of Pu-erh is not less than red wine. Every year, the Guangzhou Tea Expo is very busy. The various tea products are making tea fans love and hateful at the same time. Love is for the continuous changing in the Pu-erh tea industry. Hate is for the not deep enough pocket to find the tea that is affordable for them to drink and collect. People often ask, if there is an objective way to judge, even for beginners, so they can choose a good tea that is good for both drink and collection.

The Chinese Pu-erh Tea Exchange Association has summarized 6 tips for reference. Which 6 tips are they? It is asking, buying, trying, drinking, collecting, and storing.

  1. Ask

Before you purchase the tea, you need to ask the source of the tea. Whether the tea comes from manufacturers or producers? If there are certified documents on the package. A good wine will indicate clearly in terms of winery, region, grape varieties, importers, which made it easier for consumers to identify.

  1. Buy

After inquiring, you need to know how to buy, what to buy. We can make decision based on our own budge. Like the wine media magazine best buy, your decision of what tea to buy depends on the market situation, brand value, simple for drink purpose or also collection purpose.

  1. Try

Based on the purchasing condition, from the strength of the tea leaves, the completeness of the tea leaves, and tightness, you can choose several teas. After that, you can try your first impression on the taste of the tea. If you like the flavor, then you can target this tea specifically and know more into the product.

  1. Drink

When you drink the tea, you need to make the purchase decision on whether there is sweetness after you drink the tea, whether the flavor stay in your mouth for a while, if the tea is lubrication.

  1. Collect

If the above conditions are all satisfied, you can buy the tea and take it home. But before you make the purchase, you should make sure that you understand the relevant guarantees, price and the purpose of the purchasing. Once you confirm, you can buy it.

  1. Store

You have bought the Pu-erh home, how to store it? Normally, for people who do not have a garage at their places, they just need to keep the basic elements: room temperature, low humidity, ventilation, no sunlight, and no order. It is the same with the wine storage. Pu-erh tea is better to be stored at places where there is temperature and humidity control, standard monitoring warehouse, which will add more points for drinking and collecting Pu-erh in the future.

Once you have mastered the six tips of asking, buying, trying, drinking, collecting, storing, I believe everyone can use rational and logical judgement to purchase good tea at right price. This six tips are for the reference when people are purchasing teas, hope everyone can purchase quality assured, cost-effective, sources certified, well preserved Pu-erh tea.