8 don’ts for tea drinking

The calorie of one mooncake equals to 3 bowls of rice. So you should drink tea while eating mooncake at the Mid-Autumn Festival, to ease your concern of weight gaining. Although tea is good, you need to pay attention to many facts. Here has summarized 8 tips when drinking tea.

Tip 1: Do not drink tea while hungry

Tea causes the suppression of the secretions of gastric juices and can reduce acid and bile in the stomach. Sometimes can cause palpitations, headache, stomach discomfort, blurred vision, upset and other phenomena associated with “tea drunkenness”. If will also affect the body’s absorption of proteins and stimulate your gastric mucosa, causing you to lose appetite. If you fee “tea drunkenness”, you can eat some candy or drink some sugar water to ease the symptoms.

Tip 2: Don’t drink large amount of tea before or after meals

Many people use to drink some tea immediately after meals. However, you shouldn’t drink tea 20 minutes before or after meal. Tea contains a lot of tannic acids, which will bind with iron in the food and prevention absorption of iron and protein in the body.

Tip 3: Don’t drink tea before sleep

It is better not to drink tea two hours before going to bed. Tea will make you feel excited, affect your sleep, and even cause insomnia, especially the freshly picked green tea.

Tip 4: Pick the right tea for yourself.

People all have their preference over tea. But if you have stomach problems, it is better not to drink green tea. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, the polyphenols presented in green tea are not oxidized, which has strong stimulating effects. However, during the process of black tea, a large part of polyphenols has already been oxidized. Thus, it has relatively lower stimulating effects for the stomach. Therefore, people with stomach issues should choose black tea. If someone likes drinking strong tea, it’s ok. But, we should avoid doing that too often.

Tip 5: Children shouldn’t drink strong tea

Tea contains a lot of tannic acids, which will bind with iron in the food and prevention absorption of these in the body. Overtime, it will lead to the iron deficiency, may even cause induced anemia. Children can drink light tea at an appropriate amount.

Tip 6: Pregnant women shouldn’t drink tea

If you are pregnant, you should avoid drinking tea, especially strong tea. Tea contains polyphenols, caffeine and other, which are bad for the health development of the fetus. Thus, pregnant women should drink less or no tea.

Tip 7: Individuals with high uric acid should limited tea drinking

Individuals with high uric acid, such as gout, should limit the amount of tea they drink. The tannic acid contained in tea will compete with uric acid in urination, thus affects the excretion of uric acid. Therefore, patients with gout should not drink strong tea.

Tip8: Don’t take your medicine with tea

The tannic acid in tea can produce chemical effects with many medicine, which will mostly or completely reduce the effects of the medicine. Many traditional Chinese medicines, such as ginseng, berberine, golden cypress and Corydalis should not take with tea. Without knowing exactly which drugs will produce chemical effects with tea, it is the best not to take any medicine with tea drinks.