Alternative things you can do with tea

In the whole ancient time, even when the tea was getting popularized at the late stage, but it is still fairly valuable, so ancient people tend not to over waste. Therefore, the way of utilizing tea is relatively conservative, which is still related to drinking. It merely added some entertainment elements into the process, such as drawing on the tea. It is similar to the latte art, and people call it “Tea Art”. The premise is, of course, the tea has to be Sencha. The tea brewed by loose tea should not be used for this purpose.

Later on, the tea has become common among civilians, and the way of utilizing tea is getting more, for example cooking with tea. The most typical example has to be the famous dish in Hangzhou Cuisine: Longjing Prawns. Besides, there is a featured snack admired by many people: tea egg.

Till now, the tea is used in various ways, such as tea pillow, tea makeups, and others. There is something even more extreme; it is said in Sichuan there is a hotel using bricks made of tea. I can only say that they are not only rich, but also wasteful.

However, foreigners are even more imaginary. They even combine tea with its enemy bear and invite tea beer, called “kombrewch”.

Admittedly, the ways of treating tea that has listed above are remained at the material level, which is not beneficial for the demonstration of tea spirit. To make good use of tea, it is something that requires wisdom.

“Drink Tea Equal Form, Tea Equal Calligraphy” is a creative poster work that has won the gold award on “2009 Chinese Element International Creative Competition” under the category of the word. The “Drink Tea Equal Form” is the form of calligraphy that arranges dried tea leaves in the shape of Chinese characteristics. The “Tea Equal Calligraphy” uses tea imitates calligraphy. Using tea to imitate calligraphy, there are similarities, but also differences. It helps to understand the spirit of Chinese tea, simple but meaningful.

Tea fashion card

The original version of tea fashion card only has the female version. It is said created by internet user “Uncle List”. It put fashionable female together with clothes made of tea leaves, explaining the tea leaves regarding fashion and interpreting femininity in terms of tea. With both appearance and spirit, you have to admire his imagination. The male version has spread out of internet late on. Each has its own merits.

Tea Photography

2014, the brand “Shang Xia” under Hermes based on the theme “Tea Song”, using tea leaves shot a series of artistic works. Iron Guanyin, Longjing, Jasmine Sliver, and Pu-erh, four types of tea with difference colors and shapes, which represent sky and land, starts of tea, tea soil, and the ocean of tea respectively. Photographer Paolo Poversi uses his unique vision re-interpret the spirit of tea for us.

Tea Calendar

It is such a vivid idea of making calendar with tea. However, the German tea producer Hälssen & Lyon did it. Real leaves were processed and compressed into thick squares, arranged by months and dates. It is already an enjoyment visually, most immortally, you can still drink it. Yesterday has done, there is no regret or sadness, and it turns into a cup of premium tastes. The thousands of feelings on time and life, you can comprehend them in the aftertaste.

Currently, there is not much variety in tea industry, most of which just change the title without changing the concept. Even though we drink tea, we don’t know tea. It is seeking for something less important than what really matters. Rather than promoting the culture of tea, it is actually confusing the public. Those innovations listed above, although it has nothing to do with the tea itself, and it might be vilified by some people, it actually implemented the spirit of tea into the practice, not mysterious, but close to people and down to earth.

Tea itself is not necessarily the old tradition, or unfashionable. As men said, there is no traditional industry; there is the only traditional way of thinking. To say this in another way, if transform tea industry with the new idea, it will change the situation largely.