Arthritus Natural Cures – Why Qigong and Meditation Can Help

Arthritis is a disease of the joints, and one that can make life very difficult. Arthritis is surprisingly common, and it is not confined to the old and the infirm, as many seem to be believe. Arthritis is terrible at any age, but is is especially damaging when it happens in the young. In such cases, the stigma can destroy that person’s life, and as they have many years left to live, the disease has a long time to spread and to worsen.

Qigong can help to cure this disease though, and is is perfectly placed to do that. This practice can help with most ailments and diseases, but in this article we’ll focus on ways that you can use Qigong, and in particular the courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, to cure arthritis and joint pain.

Heal with Exercises

Qigong exercise is perfect if you suffer from arthritis. It is slow moving and low impact, so it can be performed by everyone. What’s more, there are thousands of exercises to choose from, so if you do find that you are unable to do some of these, then there will always be another exercise that can help.

To begin with, you should look to do some simple exercises, such as Joining of Yin and Yang, which is an SFQ exercise that has been adapted from a common Tai Chi exercise. This can follow on from Breathing of the Universe and Moving of Yin and Yang, or it can be completed by itself. Either way, these exercises can be found on the level one Qigong for Health course, along with many others. Qigong for Healing and Qigong for Advanced Healing, also available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, also include a number of simple beginner and intermediate exercises, and you can also click onto the SFQ’s Youtube channel to discover a few more of these courses.

Heal with Meditation

If done properly, and under the guidance of a Qigong expert, then meditation is perfect for curing things like arthritis. That’s because you don’t need to move, and providing that you can sit down, close your eyes and breathe, then you have everything that you need to meditate. At the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all of the meditations are available separately, and these are guided by Master Lin. These can be downloaded (you can also purchase on CD) for a low cost:

  • Temple of Heaven: This meditation takes you on a journey to a place that is special to Master Lin and to all masters and students of the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.
  • Healing Our World: Use compassion, love and empathy to heal yourself and others around you.
  • Butterfly Healing Meditation: Transform into a better, heather and brighter person with this SFQ meditative guide.
  • Cancer Healing Meditation: If you know someone who is suffering from this disease, then this meditation could be essential. The basics of this meditation may also help with other ailments and diseases, including arthritis.

Heal Directly

There are a few healing courses available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, courses that focus on a range of massage and acupressure techniques, as opposed to meditations or exercises. For instance, in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual, which includes a total of 76 self-healing techniques, you will find a method by which you can alleviate the symptoms of this disease in just a few minutes. This technique is available on chapter 40, and it describes a simple massage that is performed on the palms of your hands. By doing this every day, just for a few minutes at a time, then your arthritis will stop causing you problems in no time at all.

This technique also helps with all of the following problems:

  • Hand/Wrist Pain
  • Swelling
  • Eye Problems
  • Poor Sight

The Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual is a cheap way to introduce yourself to healing techniques like this, but it is not the only way that you can fix your arthritis and associated problems. You will also find some acupressure massages in a course known as “Qi-ssage Healing”, which was created from a combination of massage and Qigong.

This course was designed as a way for you to heal others, effectively turning you into a healer. However, these techniques can also be used on yourself.

The Qi-ssage Healing course comes with an extensive manual, which helps you through the basics, and there is also a CD and a DVD, both of which will teach you how to perform a Qi-ssage Healing session.