Medical Qigong Certification in Australia – Courses and Info

Qigong is one of the fastest rising alternative medicines in the world. It has existed in China and many other Eastern countries for thousands of years, but only in the past few decades have its benefits been realised outside of China, with Qigong spreading worldwide as a result.

Here in Australia there are not a great deal of centres, schools or retreats, but we can still access courses offered by Qigong schools such as the US-based Spring Forest Qigong Centre. This centre is run by one of the biggest names in western Qigong, Master Chunyi Li, and it has helped students around the world to realise their potential.

If you want to make it as a Qigong teacher yourself, then the advance courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre are a great way to start.

24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within

This is the biggest course that you will find at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and if your goal is to teach this practice to others, and to become a certified instructor, then it may also be the most important.

The courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre typically include a CD, DVD and a manual, and they can be completed in days, weeks or months, depending on your schedule and commitment. This course is a little different though, and you need to be in it for the long haul if you want to make it through.

24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within is a level 5 course aimed at those who want complete knowledge and those who want to teach. It focuses on third eye development and also helps the student to find their place in the universe, while heightening their senses, their compassion and their understanding.

Once you have completed this course, there is also a 24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within teleseminar, where you can take the final 8 steps, completing a very long but eventful journey, and potentially helping you to become a Qigong master.

Additional Advanced Courses

There are many more guides, courses and more available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all of which can help you take those final few steps toward becoming a Qigong master. These can be taken at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre or on their website, and you can either take them alongside the main courses offered by the centre, or prior to them, helping you to prepare.

These include:

  • Deep, Deep, in Stillness Meditation: This meditation is actually a recording of a retreat from the summer of 2015. It is a level 4 course that was led by Master Chunyi Lin, and contains several recordings. As is the case with many of the advanced courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, Deep, Deep in Stillness Meditation is all about helping you to develop, open and use your third eye, which is an essential tool in the arsenal of any Qigong master. There are 5 parts to this course in total, with four main parts followed by an introduction. If you can’t make it to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and want the retreat experience in your home, this is the next best thing.
  • Rainbow Meditation: This is a level 4 meditation that helps you to develop your third eye. It is useful if you have just made it to level 4, but it’s also worth taking even if you have advanced through many courses in this level and are ready to take the final step towards level 5. This meditation comes as an audio guide, available as a CD or as a digital download.
  • Working with the Masters: This is a recorded teleseminar, taken from a program that is no longer available. There are still many live teleseminars at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, including one that you should look to take along with the 24-Step Awakening the Master Within program. The Working with the Masters teleseminar, however, is perfect for any advanced students who want to learn from Qigong masters, and to discover just what it takes to become a master of this ancient practice.
  • Wisdom Embodiment Package: This is another level 4 course that was recorded from an event held at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre in the summer of 2015. It includes a comprehensive video of a seminar from Master Lin, which aims to teach you how to heal mental conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety, as well as physical conditions ranging from cancer to HIV. This course also includes the Rainbow Meditation guide, as well as a number of other practices unique to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.