You Should Never Drink These 9 Types of Tea!

There are many benefits of tea drinking. But you should know a few things when you drink tea, especially there are a few tea that should not be consumed, which can possibly cause poison.

Tea is a beverage, which is originated from China, made from the leaves or buds of the tree tea. It can also refers to the leaves of the green tree and the beverage made from those leaves. Later, it refers all the herb tea that are made from flowers, leaves, seeds and roots of the plant, such as “Tieguanyin” and ect. Tea as a famous health beverage has contributed largely to the Chinese food culture in the south part of the country. It is also the contribution that Chinese people has made to the world food culture.

Tea drinking is a necessity in the daily life of modern citizen. However, there are a few tea that should not be drink because not only they don’t have any benefits to human, but will harm our bodies.

Different teas should be brewed differently.

  1. Black tea should be brewed longer for health effect

The longer the black tea is brewed, the better effect it has on our health. The longer the black tea is brewed, the better the flavonoids that are beneficial to the bodies contained in the tea can be dissolved in the water. It is the best to brew the black tea for at least five minutes.

  1. Brewing Biluochun: pour the boiled water first, then put the tea

The leaves of Biluochun are small and soft. Only when they are brewed for the right amount of time, the soup will be green and clear. The taste is pure. If you brew for too long, the tea will become yellow, the freshness will be reduced. When you brew the tea, you should pour the boiled water first, then put the leaves and brew for about 2 to 3 minutes.

  1. Longjin should be soaked in a little bit boiled water first before brew

Before brewing Longjin, or Maofeng of Yellow Mountain, you should pour some hot water in the cup and soak the tea leaves for a little bit. Once you smell the slight aroma, then add more water, cover the cup with the lid and brew for 4 minutes, which will make the tea tastes better and help the good substances get dissolved in the water.

Notes here when you drink tea, don’t wait to add the water when all the water in the cup is gone. When the cup is half empty, filled the cup. Doing so will guarantee the strong flavor of the tea.

  1. The key points of Pu-erh tea is washing the tea

Pu-erh tea belongs to the dark tea. Normally, the aroma will come out after brewing for 5 minutes. Compared to the tea cake, the loose tea is easier to release the aroma. “The older it gets, the better it smells” is the common known difference Pu-erh tea has compared to other teas. Because of this, the most important step in brewing Pu-erh tea is to wash the tea, which means putting the tea in the cup, pour the boiled water. Then, filter the water out, pour the water in the cup again, and put the lid on. Doing so, the second round of the water will not only get rid of the impurities, but make the tea smells better.

Additionally, other factors will affect the tea too, such as ad some lemon juice in the black tea, the percentage of the antioxidants can be increased by 80%. Also, the milk tea is made from black tea, but the combination of tea and milk might halter the absorption of certain nutrition. Let’s have a look at some “dons” in tea drinking:

9 types of tea should never be drink

  1. Deteriorated tea

Tea is not easy to store because it is to get molded after absorbing water. Some people out of their love for tea and saving habits, they don’t want to throw away the deteriorated tea. The deteriorated tea contains a large amount of substance and bacteria that are harmful to human body, which should not be drink. Even the good quality tea that put in the air for too long after brewing, the tea can be deteriorated because of the oxidants and the reproduction of the microbial. These types of tea should not be drink.

  1. Strong tea

Strong tea contains a large amount of caffeine, theophylline, which is highly irritating. Drinking strong tea can cause insomnia, headache, tinnitus and blurred vision. It is also bad for stomach, causing vomiting for some people.

  1. First-round tea

Modern tea can be polluted by pesticide, fertilizer, and dust inevitably in the planting process, processing, and packaging. The first-round tea is actually the water used to wash the tea. You should pour it out quickly then brew with boiled water. Only tea brewed like this is the most hygiene tea. According to the PhD at the Tea Research Institution, the 80% of the quality issues of the tea in China is caused by pesticide residue, which will not only cause chronic poisoning, but also acute poisoning. The harm is even bigger posed to children.

  1. Burned tea

The tea over fried has lost its nutrition value, the taste is not good neither.

  1. Tea brewed for a long time

The tea brewed for a long time, the tea polyphenols, lipid, and aromatic compounds will be oxidized automatically. Not only the color of the tea is dark, the flavor is bad, the aroma is low, losing the value of tasting, but also because the reduction of vitamin C, vitamin P, and amino acid, the value of the tea is largely decreased. Because the tea has been sit for too long, it is contaminated by the surrounding environment, the amount of microorganism (bacteria) is a lot, which is very unhygienic.

  1. Cold tea

Tea is better drink when it is warm. Warm tea will make people feel refreshed. Cold tea has the side effect of causing cold in the body and sputum.

  1. Hot tea

Tea that is too hot can harm the throat, esophagus, and stomach. If you drink hot tea for a long time, it might cause the lesion of these organs.

  1. Mixed aroma tea

The mixed aroma tea is the tea that stored in the place with other stuffs that have aroma too. After a while, the aroma of the tea changed. Some aroma is poisoned, such as the aroma of paint, and camphor.

  1. Raw tea

The color of the raw tea is naturally green. The chemical compound is similar to the fresh leaves. The conversion or volatilization of the low boiling point aldol compounds is not much, it smells strong raw aroma.

If elderly people drink such green tea, it will pose strong irritation to the stomach, causing stomachache. Young people will also feel uncomfortableness in the stomach. Accidently bought such raw tea, you should not brew them directly. You can fried it in the pan with low fire and get rid of the raw aroma. Once you smelled the slightly aroma of chestnut, you can drink it.