Green Tea Beauty Tips and Alternative Uses

Drink a cup of tea! Green tea contains rich vitamin C and has beauty effect on skins. Some people refuse green tea because of the caffeine contained in the green tea. In fact, you don’t have to worry about absorbing excessive caffeine.

The reason is the caffeine contained in green tea is 15-25 mg, which is approximately the quarter of the amount of the caffeine contained in the coffee (By the way, the upper limit of the amount of the caffeine absorbed by adult is 400 mg). Plus, the catechins in green tea combined with caffeine can reduce the absorbing speed. Appropriate level of caffeine has diuretic effect, which can take the old waste substance out of the body. Simultaneously, it can relieve the tiredness accumulated in the body. Besides, catechins can eliminate the poisoned substance – ROS (reactive oxygen species). In this way, it has anti-aging effect, inflammation effect and lower cholesterol levels and other effects.

Drinking is a good way to absorb, but why not give a little bit of green tea to your skin. Compare to other natural materials, the side effect of green tea on skin is relative little. And green tea is suitable for all types of skins.

Excellent anti-aging and inflammation effects cannot only prevent the sagging skin but also the eczema, various skin problems and dermatitis. If you are plagued by redness, pain acne, you better find yourself some green tea in your bathroom all the time. It is because green tea has the effect of relief inflammation on the face.

If you want to use green tea powder, green tea leaves, or green tea bags to wash you face, you’d better use water to wash your face in the last. You should remember to avoid the use of the powder products, which is to prevent the completely dissolved green tea penetrate the pores. Green tea powder is better for scrub or mask.

  1. Green tea – washing face

When you use green tea to wash face, you should rinse with water in the last. Pat gently to let it penetrate the skin and you don’t need to rinse again with water. 2. Green tea – scrub

If you don’t have spare time to using face mask, you can mix the nail size green powder into the foam cleanser. It is used to massage the facial skin, removing the old waste and makeup easily.

  1. Steam face with green tea

Soaking the gauze in the green tea brewed by hot water, apply it on the face. When the gauze get cold, soaking it again and apply on the face. Repeat two or three time. Clean with the cotton pads soaked in the lotion, you can have the tender skin after exfoliating.

  1. Green tea mask

Put the green tea powder in the water, apply them on the face. It is beneficial to help mediate the grease secret of oily skin. If you are dry skin or sensitive skin, you can add honey before applying the mask on your face. So you can absorb the rich nutrition of honey and the anti-oxidant of green tea.

  1. Iced green tea bag

Put the used green tea bag in the fridge, you can use it in the morning to eliminate edema. Or you can utilize the scrub function of tea leaves. Also, there is risk of breed bacteria when putting tea bag in the fridge. So, you need to remember to use them in three days.