Blended tea, is it good or bad?

Many tea fans are afraid of purchasing blended tea, thinking blended tea is all bad. They would prefer to buy pure tea. Many sellers have used the mindset of the customers and have expressed that they absolutely don’t have blended tea selling in their stores. However, is the quality of blended tea good or bad? Let’s solve the problem today.

First, let’s figure out what is blended tea.

Blended tea: to maintain the flavor and quality of tea leaves, the several different tea leaves will be mixed in certain ratios. This technique requires the strong sensory experience and a wealth of blending skills.

Why blend the tea?

The goal of blending can be summarized in one sentence: “develop the strong points and avoid the weak points, show the merits and hide the defect, balance the level”, which is suitable for the blending of six categories tea.

In fact, blended tea is the common way to improve the quality of the tea, and an effective way to guarantee the stabilization of the production and the increasing quantity. For the tea industry, tea blending is the crucial technical support, is the “secret weapon” of the old tea companies.

Blended tea can not only satisfy the need of stabilized quality but also increase the level and fullness of the taste.

People who know about tea planting all know that tea is highly seasonal. The fresh tea leaves dried yesterday can have the substantial difference from the tea leaves dried today. However, if you match the two teas together, it satisfies the need of aroma and flavor. Isn’t that good?

Why blended tea is questioned?

The reason we think the blended tea is not good is because we are misled by the bad businessmen. The situation is: the so-called “Blended Tea” is just a usual practice that sellers used to trick consumers. It is a mix-up without technique.

The other situation is because some of the sellers do not have sufficient knowledge on the tea blending technique. It is hard for them to blend good brand tea. Therefore, they choose to exaggerate the characteristics of certain raw material they used. However, this purpose of manufacturing and productivity is completely opposite to the idea of pursuing perfection on the Chinese Tea Standards.

Consumers should treat them rationally

Tea blending itself is not fraud. It is a difficult technical activity in the tea field. Not everyone can do it, which requires deep knowledge and techniques.

No matter the consumers are purchasing for themselves or giving as gifts, they have to treat them rationally. In the end, tea is the drinks that consumed by everyone. The “pureness” that we were pursuing is the high standard of sensory and technique. People who are picky with raw materials, they can enjoy good quality pure tea. If you just want to drink, they you should put more emphasize on the sensory experience.

The tea industry should establish their featured products. Stopping tell stories and legends, no more gimmicks and concept, let consumers have a cup of assured tea, a cup of “pure” tea.