Is Bottled Tea Made from Tea Leaves, Powder or Extraction?

Even though the handmade beverage is everywhere, the bottle tea is still unreplaceable! In hot weather, you can buy a bottle of drink in the convenient store. Or, when you are shopping in the supermarket with your family, you always have the habits to buy a dozen of bottle tea home. Even if you eat fried food on the street with friend, the one that cure our thirsty are still bottle tea. However, if you have checked the ingredients on the labels, you might wonder, why some of the products say tea or tea leaves, some of the products say tea powders or tea extracts. What are the difference?

First, according to the Food Department Chief of the Food and Drug Administration, Li Wanzheng says that during the production and manufacturing process, if “tea leaves” are used as raw material, then in accordance with the extraction of various technologies to extract high concentrations of the tea. Thus, the final product needs to be labeled with tea, tea leaves, and tea extracts, which all work. However, there are ready to use tea extracts in the market to sell, providing to the business owners who do not have the equipment to make the tea extracts. Or, the business owners can slight adjust the flavor of the tea beverage. Thus, for the business owners who use such product, must state that the ingredients of this tea are tea extract.

In terms of tea powder, it can make from two ways. One if made from the tea extract, concentrated, then after drying up made into powder. The majority of the instant tea powder in the market are made this way. Another one is made directly from the tea leaves, which is what called grind powder. Most of the authentic Japanese green tea is made this way. The reason why the tea powder is added in the bottle tea, mainly because it can increase the tea flavor. It is also used to adjust the flavor of the final product.

Since the food processing industry for consumers is the industry that is hard to get contact and hard to understand. Therefore, when they say the ingredients in the label, some consumers might feel scared for the contents that they do not understand. Or, when they saw the word “extracts”, they will immediately think the chemical synthesis substances are used. For tea powder, it only takes a very small portion of the bottle tea, which are also made from tea leaves, not a chemical synthesis. Therefore, next time when you purchase the bottle tea again, don’t just get worried because you look at the label.