Breaking Addiction Through Acupressure & Qigong

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Bio – Founder of Spring Forest Qigong
Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

The following is a complete transcription of an interview with Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest QiGong, as he explains how to heal addiction through the application of acupressure and QiGong. Please note there are a few alterations to the text for fluency purposes. You can see the complete video, Qigong for Addiction – Alternative Healing Methods for Addiction, here.


Why do people have an addiction? First of all, you need to find that out. And then you need to look at the energy system in the body. The wisdom energy stays in the liver. So when a person’s wisdom energy is off, then you may get crazy ideas and decisions in your life.

Scientists also now discovered that an energy channel connects directly from the liver to the brain. Seventy percent of the toxins come out through the liver in the body. The other thirty percent of toxins go out through the breathing system; the skin and the breath. So if the liver is not working properly, that toxin piles up through that channel and gets caught up in the brain.

When the brain is not working – there’s a kind of cell called blue cells – the blue cells are going to die and not be able to help hoe that garbage out of the brain. Then your brain has more acidic energy. That’s why the body makes a crazy decision, or slowly, the brain is not going to function as well. Then the memory issues will come.

Through cleansing your liver open, you are able to help yourself have more good energy flow to the brain.

The exercise we do for this is to have your arms and hands up, like you’re holding a big beach ball over your head. Hold them there for about 10 minutes, (or as long as you can). Now apply acupressure – press firmly for a few seconds – to the innermost section of the eyebrows, and then to the cheekbones, directly below the center of each eye. This opens the face’s two main energy channels, helping to detoxify.

When you open up these energy channels, then some memory will come. The clarity of the mind will come. You will make better decisions in your life and that addiction will go away.

A lot of people, when they come to QiGong healing, they don’t expect that they are going to quit smoking, or they are going to stop drinking. So after receiving healing from the healers and from me and from many QiGong practitioners, they just automatically quit smoking, or stop drinking. So any kind of “-holics”, like an alcoholic and a smoking-holic – this is my invention, haha – or like a choco-holic; they all have something to do with the liver.

So QiGong teaches us to perform the acupressure and arm-length exercises above. When you do these movements you are able to help yourself detoxify the liver.