Types of Teas and Brewing Methods You Should Avoid

Folks says that “a cup of tea in the morning, will keep the medicine sellers away”. Here, you can tell the benefits of tea. However, about tea drinking, not every type of tea has health effects. The 9 types of tea you should never drink.

Deteriorated tea: if the tea is not properly stored, it can easily absorb water and become mildew. While some people may be reluctant to throw the moldy tea away out of the love for the tea or saving. The deteriorated tea contains many substance and bacteria that are bad for human body, which you should never drink. If the high quality tea put there for too long after brewing the tea will deteriorate due to the oxidation and the growth of the microorganism. The tea should not be drunk.

Burnt tea: over fried tea leaves, which have lost their nutrition. The taste is not good.

Tea mixed up with other flavor: when you put tea with other stuffs with flavor, the flavor of the tea changed. Some of the flavor can be poisoned, such as painting, smell of camphor and others.

First tea: the modern tea is contaminated with pesticides inevitably due to the cultivation, processing, and packaging process. The first round of tea should be used to wash the tea leaves. You should pour the first round of water out quickly. Then add the boiled water, which is the most hygienic way of brewing the tea. The 80% of safety issue of the Chinese tea happens on the residues of pesticide. The residues of pesticide can not only cause chronic poisoning, but also acute poisoning. It is especially harmful to the children.

Tea brewed for too long: if the tea is brewed for too long, the tea polyphenols, lipids, aromatic substance will become auto-oxidized. This will cause the tea with darker color, bad flavor, and loss of value of tasting. Additionally, the vitamin C, vitamin P, amino acids and others will reduce due to the oxidation. The nutritious value will decrease largely. Also, because the tea has been put there for too long, it will be contaminated by surrounding environment. The microorganisms will increase largely, which is unhygienic.

Strong tea: the strong tea contains large amount of caffeine, theophylline, which is very irritant. Drinking strong tea can cause insomnia, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, and is bad for the stomach. Some people will have a sense of vomiting after drinking.

Cold tea: tea is better drink when it’s warm. The warm tea can make people feel refreshing, improving hearing and eyesight. The cold tea has side effect of forming sputum.

Hot tea: tea is normally brewed with high temperature water. However, you should not drink it when the temperature is too high. The hot tea can hurt throat, esophagus and stomach. If you drink hot tea for long time, it can cause pathology of these organs.

Raw tea: The so-called raw tea are teas roasted tea without drying after the rolling process. The shape of the tea looks natural green, containing similar compounds. It contains not many aldol compounds with a low boiling points and volatile substance. The flavor of the tea has strong smell of raw tea. The elderly people that drink this type of tea can cause stomachache because it is irritate to the stomach. Young people who drink it will upset their stomach. Purchasing this type of tea by mistake, you should better not drink it directly. You can put in the iron pan, fry it with low heat to get rid of the smell of raw tea. After the slight flavor coming out of the tea, you can drink it after.