Don’t select the tea leaves with particularly bright colors

Tea leaves are the bud, leaf, and tender stem, which are collected from the tree. Then, they are processed with the specially designed method. China is the home country of the tea. The commonly seen teas are mainly the six categories of tea: including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea, and dark tea. Besides, there are many other tea products other than the tea categories listed before. Such as chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, burdock tea and others.

Firstly, even though the 2015 tea and relevant products sampling tests have an overall passing rate of 99.3%, it is still recommended that when consumers are purchasing the tea, they should purchase at the official stores or supermarket. It is better not to choose the tea leaves with particularly bright color.

Secondly, the majority of tea should not be stored for a long time. After opening the package, it should be stored in a sealed container, which needs to put in cool places and avoid the sunlight. This will prevent the loss of aroma and avoid oxidation of nutrients. If it is permitted, it would be better to store the tea in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Thirdly, although the tea is a healthy beverage, you should also drink in a limited amount. Normally, the adult can drink an average of 5 to 15 grams of dried tea every day. The water should be used in the amount of 200 to 800 ml. If you drink exceed the amount of tea, especially when you drink strong tea with an empty stomach, it might have an adverse impact on the digestive system.

Fourthly, because tea polyphenol contained in the tea will have a chemical reaction with the medicine, whose active reaction contains iron and zymin. It will affect the effect of the medicine. Therefore, you should not take the medicine with the tea, such as blood syrup, protease, multienzyme and others similar. When you are taking sedative, hypnotic drugs, you should also not take it with tea. (Source: State Food and Drug Administration official Wechat Account)