Brisbane Qigong Courses – Where to Study in 2017

Wherever you are in Brisbane, or indeed across all of Australia, you can study Qigong with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. This celebrated centre provides an array of home study courses for anyone interested in this ancient art form.

Spring Forest Qigong Centre

Founded and run by Master Chunyi Lin, one of the most respected Qigong masters in all of North America, the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is a leading retreat for Qigong students, and one that offers both offline and online courses. The best thing about the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is that all of their courses are broken up into levels. This means that if you are new to Qigong you can begin with the basics covered in level 1 and then advance through all 5 levels until you have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a Qigong master. If you already have some knowledge on this subject, you can jump in where you feel most comfortable and advance from there.

Below are the online courses that the Spring Forest Qigong Centre offers in 2016, split into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Qigong for Beginner Students

  • SFQ Fundamentals: The is where most students of Qigong begin and you will struggle to find a more comprehensive or useful beginner’s course. This course teaches you how to unlock your healing energy, guiding you on your first steps to becoming a Qigong master. This course contains a CD, DVD and a manual, covering an array of Qigong exercises, meditations and techniques.
  • Small Universe: Available as a short and a long meditation, Small Universe is all about opening your energy channels and removing any blockages. This in turn will promote healing and can help you from head-to-toe. And the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax and let Master Lin guide you.
  • Qi-ssage Healing: This series of techniques is available in a course that includes a manual, a CD and a DVD. Qi-ssage was created by Master Lin as a way of combining both Qigong and massage, using these to promote healing in yourself and in others.
  • Head-to-Toe Bodys Repair Manual: This is a single manual that is similar to Qi-ssage Healing in the sense that it uses simple massage techniques to help you heal and to help you heal others. There are 76 of these techniques in total, and as the title suggests, they are designed to help you from head to toe, covering everything from simple aches and pains, to high/low blood pressure, prostate problems and a great deal more.

Qigong for Intermediate Students

  • Sun Meditation: The Sun Meditation is all about getting your third eye open and unlocking your true potential as a result. The Sun Meditation opens energy centres in your body, helping you to build your confidence and to become a more assured person, as well as a better healer.
  • Moon Meditation: The Moon Meditation is a soothing meditation that was designed to complement the Sun Meditation, helping you to open your third eye. Along with the Sun Meditation discussed above, the Moon Meditation practice is available on the Qigong for Advanced Healing online course, the goal of which is to unlock your healing potential. This particular course completes a three-step program aimed at beginners looking to use Qigong to heal.
  • Working with the Masters: This recording is available on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website as an MP3 download. It was recorded during a session that Master Lin and another SFQ master had with a number of students, and it is a great way to prepare yourself for more advanced studies.

Qigong for Advanced Students

  • Awakening the Master Within: Available as a program and a teleseminar, this is a huge course, the completion of which will show that you are ready to become a Qigong master yourself. This teleseminar can be taken as a live call or you can listen to a recording. The course itself, which has 24 steps in total, can be taken at the centre or downloaded. This course covers everything from opening your third eye and unlocking your sixth sense, to improving your compassion.
  • Rainbow Meditation: The third eye is an important aspect of advanced Qigong. It is something that the main courses at this level will focus on, and it is also something that this simple but hugely beneficial meditation focuses on. This is a level 4 course at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and it can be downloaded as an MP3, recorded by Master Lin himself.