What’s Wrong When Tea Has A Lot Of Bubbles?

Recently, my colleague has participated tea technique training, who is very “crazy” with tea. Every day during lunch, she will bring the tea and various tea wares to the tea room and start testing. However, she told me recently, she found there are a layer of bubbles floating on the surface of the water. It is more obvious for the first few round of brewing. Sometimes even you drink all the tea, the bubble still stays on the wall of the cup. Thus, she is very worried. Is it true as the people says, the excessive pesticide residues?

Writer has consulted with the experts and find out that it is not the truth in the case. There are three main reasons that cause the bubble. First, the tea belongs to the hairy species; secondly, it is because of the tea saponin; thirdly, there are too much fragments in the tea.

First of all, the hairy species of tea can easily generate bubble. Tea fans who love to drink Biluochun should constantly see that there are a lot of hair float in the glass cup and there is a layer of bubble. Why? Because of a lot of the hairy tea products are made from tea buds, which are relatively soft. Tea contains a high level of tea polyphenols, during the rolling process, the force is too strong, which will cause these substance stick in the surface of the tea leaves. It will get out of the tea when brew. Thus, when we drink Biluochun, Jinjunmei and others will easily have a layer of bubble in the surface.

Additionally, the tea saponin, protein, solid powder, charcoal and others will easily make bubbles. Among these, tea saponin works well as the natural surfactant that works well. It can apply on light industry, chemical industry, pesticide, feed, breeding, textile, oil production, mining, building materials, high speed way construction and others. This substance causes the bubble in the tea. The tea saponin is bitter and spicy, which is hard to dissolve in the water. The scientific research has shown tea saponin can works as antioxidants, improving immunity of human body, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Thus, it is not harmful to human body. In the contrary, it is good for human body.

Additional, the fragment tea, such as black fragment tea, or tea has a lot of fragments can cause the buddle during the brewing. The commonly seen, bubble black tea in the café are brew from the black fragment tea.

In fact, bubble is not a very good criterium to measure whether the tea is good or not. Also, whether the level of the pesticide residues is excessive or not has not direct correlation to bubble. When we are drinking coffee and dairy products in the café, we purposely make a lot of bubble to make it look pretty. Thus, you don’t need to worry that the bubble will pose threats to the human body.

Of course, writer here wants to remind tea lovers. If you drink too much tea in a day, it is better not to drink too many bubbles, which will affect the digestive function of the stomach. But the amount of tea we normally consume will not affect the body.