Butterfly Meditation – Review of SFQ Self-Healing Meditation

The Spring Forest Qigong Centre is unique in that it offers an original way to practice Qigong, one that is more accessible, more useful, but one that does not sacrifice the healing properties and the overall benefits associated with traditional Qigong. This practice is thousands of years old and because of that, many Qigong masters have been reluctant to change it. But in founding the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, Master Lin realized that in order to make this practice more appealing outside of China, the changes didn’t need to be big.

One of the ways he changed it was to introduce new techniques and new methods, using traditional methods and techniques to do so. At the Spring Forest Qigong Centre you won’t be taught countless exercises that are also available at other schools. Instead, you will be taught exercises that are new, unique and original, ones that target modern problems and ones that have endless healing potential.

One such technique is the Butterfly Healing Meditation. This is all about transformation, and in a constantly changing world, with everyone always looking to turn over a new leaf and to start afresh, this meditation is incredibly important.

What is the Butterfly Healing Meditation?

The Butterfly Healing Meditation is an SFQ meditation that is not attached to any levels and can not be found on any courses. It is something that you can only download as a standalone meditation, something that can be taken by all students of any level. The Butterfly Healing Meditation is also discussed during some seminars held at conference centre and other venues throughout the United States, and at the SFQ Healing Centre itself. It is something that forms a major part of the SFQ curriculum and something that could be incredibly beneficial to you, depending on where you are in your life and what you want to achieve from it.

Before we discuss what sort of people can benefit the most from the Butterfly Healing Meditation, let’s take a look at the many benefits that this meditation can bring. And before you read these, bear in mind that the Butterfly Healing Meditation is easy to learn and perform and that it takes between just 30 minutes and 60 minutes to get to grips with.

  • Unlock your potential
  • Cleanse your body, mind and soul
  • Turn your energy into something positive
  • Heal any and all diseases
  • Ease your depression and your anxiety
  • Eliminate fatigue, alleviate insomnia

Who Can Benefit from the Butterfly Healing Meditation?

It’s important to understand Master Lin’s take on the Butterfly Healing Meditation to get a grasp of what this meditation is and what it can do for you. This is what the SFQ founder had to say about this meditation, which he created himself: “This is a meditation of metamorphosis and transformation. That is why I call it the Butterfly Guided Healing Meditation. Think of the life cycle of a butterfly. From a caterpillar into a chrysalis and from that hard, leather-like pouch it transforms into such a beautiful and gentle creature it brings joy and happiness wherever it flies.”

“Metamorphosis” is a key word here, and that is the heart and the soul of the Butterfly Healing Meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to help you to change. What you change into and what you change from is up to you, but this is a positive change, so look to change into something better than you were.

Because of this focus on change, the Butterfly Healing Meditation is particularly useful for all of the following people:

  • Addicts: The Butterfly Healing Meditation may not be able to help you through your addiction (there are other SFQ courses that can though, including Qigong for Health and many more) but it can help you to complete that final step. Once you have stopped using, once you have gotten through the withdrawals, the pain and the agony, then you need to find your place in the real world again, while ensuring you don’t return to your addiction. That’s what the Butterfly Healing Meditation can help with.
  • Weight Problems: If you have always struggled to control your weight, whether you are massively underweight or overweight, then you just need a helping hand, something that can point you in the right direction. The problem with such conditions is that the root cause is never addressed, so even when the issue seems to be “fixed”, even when you have lost the weight or put it on, it’s easy to go back to the way you were. That’s what the Butterfly Healing Meditation can help with.