Spring Forest Cancer Healing Meditation – Review

Cancer is the disease that everyone fears the most, and there are many reasons for this. The main one is that it is so destructive and yet so common. In 2016 in Australia, there were more than 130,000 new diagnosed cases of cancer and in the same year, close to 50,000 people died from this disease. Cancer has a high mortality rate and there are hundreds of forms of this disease. It is something that we have all been affected by, either directly or via a loved one or friend.

It is no surprise then that the mere mention of this disease strikes fear into the hearts of many, and no surprise that billions of dollars are pumped into cancer research every single year. Modern medicine does have an answer for this disease and in some cases it can cure it, but there are many problems with how modern medicine handles things. Firstly, it is common for cancer to come back and even those who get over the initial hump, do not always go on to live beyond the next 5 years or 10 years. And then there is the fact that the treatment for this disease is painful, humiliating and as destructive as the illness itself, with your immune system stripped bare.

There is an answer though and that answer is the Cancer Healing Meditation. This is a Spring Forest Qigong healing meditation that has already been used to heal countless sufferers of this disease. It is available to everyone and is one of the most popular treatments at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.

What is the Cancer Healing Meditation?

The Cancer Healing Meditation, as its name suggests, is a healing meditation that focuses on cancer in all of its forms. It is not tied to any levels so you don’t need to be an advanced student in order to take it. It is preferable that you have a little experience with Qigong before you take it, but it is not essential. If this is something you would like to do and you have yet to take any other course, then try your hand at SFQ Fundamentals or even Qi-ssage Healing.

The beauty of Cancer Healing Meditation is that you don’t need to be the one suffering from cancer in order to become a healer of it. If your friends or loved ones are the ones with this disease then you can perform the Cancer Healing Meditation in order to help them to heal. It works in both ways, although there may be more benefits if the one with the disease is the one performing the meditation.

Cancer Healing Meditation is all about energy channels and visualizations, two things that form a huge part of all meditations at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. Just listen to Master Lin, who narrates the guide, and you will be okay.

Where to Find the Cancer Healing Meditation?

As it is such an important meditation and as there are so many sufferers of this disease, the Cancer Healing Meditation makes a regular appearance during the SFQ schedule. It is the basis for many retreats that focus on cancer and other serious illnesses and it has been discussed countless times, attracting thousands of students.

Such retreats are held at the SFQ Healing Centre in Minnesota, but they are also held at venues throughout the United States and Canada. Unfortunately they don’t come this far and it’s unlikely that we will see such a retreat in Australia anytime soon. However, Aussie students can still benefit from the online version of this course.

This standalone guide is available as a CD, which can be delivered to your home address (wherever you are) and as an MP3. As soon as you purchase the downloadable version you will be given access to the SFQ Digital Library. From here you can either stream the audio from the site, or you can download it onto your computer or device. This is the best option as it gives you offline access to the audio when you need it and if you sync it with all of you devices, you can listen to it when you want and how you want.

Many of the meditation guides at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre are also bundled in with main courses. This is the case with Small Universe and Sun Meditation, which can be found on SFQ Fundamentals and Qigong for Advanced Healing respectively. However, that is not the case with Cancer Healing Meditation, so don’t worry about downloading the standalone version and then accessing other courses.