Cancer Treatment Hospitals in China

While preventative foods and drinks such as tea are a good source for keeping one healthy and reducing disease, the need for qualified physicians still exists to help people recover or take on disease such as cancer. In China in fact there are many top qualified doctors who are helping locals beat cancer every day. We are going to introduce some specialists and hospitals that are treating cancer in different regions of China, which are ranked the top according to the reviews provided by patients on various news platforms and websites in China.

  1. Wang Kun/ Tianjin Cancer Hospital

Address: Binshui Rd, Hexi, Tianjin, China

Phone: +86 22 2669 0818

Dr. Wang Kun is the Pain Management Division Director of Tianjin Cancer Hospital located in Tianjin, China. Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of the Fourth Military Medical University with his Bachelor’s degree in 1984, Dr. Wang began to work in the Department of Anesthesiology, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital in 1988. He helped to found the Pain Management Division in 1994 and became the director since 2000. Wang’s focus is on the basic research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer pain, and specializes on various types of refractory cancer pain such as neuropathic pain, metastatic bone pain, shoulder and neck cancer and upper limb pain, pancreatic pain, cancer perineal pain, occipital pain, and facial pain (trigeminal Neuralgia). He is the first to use radiofrequency systems for the treatment of cancer pain damage in Tianjin, which is proven to be effective. He is also the first one in China to develop the management mode of treating cancer pain at home, which brings instant convenience and quality services for the patients. He is on the editorial board of Chinese Journal of Pain Medicine, and the chief editor of Clinical Therapeutics of Cancer Pain.   

  1. Wang Tianfeng/ Beijing Cancer Hospital

Address: 52 Fucheng Rd, Haidian, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 10 8812 1122

Dr. Wang Tianfeng is an associate chief physician of the Breast Cancer Prevention Treatment Center in Beijing Cancer Hospital located in Beijing, China. He graduated from Beijing Medical University in 1988 and got his doctoral degree on oncology in 1997. He focuses and specializes on clinical and research work on breast cancer. Dr. Wang follows standardized principles of diagnosis and treatment, and he believes that only appropriate measures and comprehensive treatment plan should be taken in order to guarantee the patients the maximum chance of survival and best quality of life to a large extent. Dr. Wang devotes himself to the research and clinical work including preoperative chemotherapy in breast cancer, breast-conserving therapy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. He is an expert on the field of breast cancer. Dr. Wang is active in domestic and international academic activities, giving lectures on the diagnosis of breast cancer, and participates in the writing of five books such as Breast Cancer, and Breast Oncology.

  1. Liu Guangyu/ Cancer Hospital of Fudan University

Address: 399 Lingling Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 6417 5590

Dr. Liu Guangyu is the chief physician of breast surgery division at the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Dr. Liu graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Shanghai Medical University and went to do research on breast cancer at Manitoba University in Canada in 2002. In 2006, Dr. Liu again was a visiting scholar to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Liu specializes on the surgical treatment of breast cancer, early diagnosis of breast cancer, and making multidisciplinary treatment plans.

  1. Li Zhong/ Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Address: 11 North 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 10 6428 6426

Dr. Li Zhong is a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical expert on oncology. Graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a doctoral degree on oncology, Dr. Li is a peer review expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and a reviewer of Beijing Food and Drug Administration for new preparations.

Dr. Li is very experienced in the field of Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine clinical treatment of malignant tumors. He is also involved in the research and teaching on this field. Dr. Li is familiar with the latest development in cancer research of both Chinese and Western medicine, and he is an expert on using Chinese medical treatment of malignant tumors including lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, brain tumor and leukemia. He also has in-depth study on topics of the prevention of tumor recurrence or metastasis after surgery, cancer pain treatment, and Chinese medicines for cancer radiotherapy, chemotherapy, sensitizing and detoxification.

Open to trying innovative methods, Dr. Li is always learning from the latest findings in the study of oncology. He developed the “state” theory of cancer based on the characteristics of tumor cells and traditional Chinese medicine. He deems that cancer is an unbalanced state of internal body organs. Accordingly, he invented the “state therapy” to change the cancerous state. Dr. Li is the chief editor or editor of more than 10 books and 40 articles on Chinese medicine and oncology, such as Clinical Oncology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinic Manual of Modern TCM Oncology. He leads and participates in some research projects on national and university level, and was responsible for the clinical design and development of 5 new drugs on the third category of new national Chinese Medicine.

  1. Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: 111 Dade Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Phone: +86 20 8188 7233

The division of Oncology at Guangdong Provincial Hospital is strongly supported by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. It has a history of more than 20 years. There are currently 220 hospital beds in five branches of the hospital, including two on Dade Road, two in Guangzhou University City Hospital, and one in Fangcun. Thanks to the advanced diagnostic equipment valued nearly 100 million (such as PET-CT) of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the tumor clinic in the branch on Dade road is able to serve different aspects of needs of the patients and their family. Featuring Chinese medicine, it provides plenty of therapeutic methods for cancer including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological targeting, and minimal invasive surgery. As a teaching hospital of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, it has a reputation for its teaching and research, and is influential even in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The specialist team is composed of over 100 senior and junior medical staff, among whom are 5 chief physicians and 7 associate chief physicians. It is responsible for the teaching, research and clinic tasks of not only Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, but also that of Hong Kong Baptist University and Macau University of Science and Technology.

The specialist team strives to provide medical services of high quality, and concerns most about the patient’s need. They combine the advantages of Chinese herbal medicine and modern technology, offer comprehensive treatment plans featuring theories of Chinese medicine. The specialists are still learning from the renowned and experienced doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, including Professor Zhu Liangchun, who instructs them on the Chinese medicine theories and practices on cancer; Professor Pu Bingkui, who is known for the combinational therapy of Chinese and Western medicine; and Professor Liu Weisheng, who leads the team, visits the wards and serves in the clinic four times a week. So far there are 5 instructors for doctoral candidates and 12 for master’s candidates. The team participates in the projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, and cooperates with Terry Fox Foundation on cancer research topics.

The hospital has sophisticated equipment for cancer treatment, such as brachytherapy machine, high frequency thermotherapy machine, radioactive particles implantation system and a lot more. Besides, its diagnosis and therapies are based on theories of both Western and Chinese medicine, introducing prescriptions and acupuncture method to the treatment of cancer.