Chengdu Teahouses Worth Visiting

The rapid development of technology has driven us forward non-stop, leaving us no time to remember the pleasant and soft memories left by time. In a slow-paced city, like Chengdu, under the continuous increased pressure of the fast-paced life, we have become impulsive. However, we do have choices for the free time. There’s a lot of old tea house, you can enjoy a cup of tea, under the bright sunshine, and fill your mouth with the flavor of old Chengdu.

  1. Shunxing Old Teahouse

Shunxing Old Teahouse has expressed all the necessaries for a teahouse in the aspects of decoration and atmosphere. It is not hard: good tea soup with a calm spirit. A cup of tea is the life.

8 o’clock every night there is Sichuan Opera performed at Shunxing Old Teahouse. Watching a Sichuan opera at your spare time, ordering a dish of snacks, and tea of course. Hand shadow show is performed in between the Sichuan Opera, which is also worth seeing.

  1. Heming Teahouse

Chengdu Heming Teahouse, as it was called, is one of the landmarks in Chengdu and has a high reputation. The view is outstanding throughout the year. You can always find something interesting in the teahouse. The teahouse has quite a bit history. Therefore, there are quite a few people come here, especially when the sun is up. A chair and tea, life starts to move on slowly from here.

Sit here, ask for one cup of tea, you close your eye for just a second, the whole afternoon is gone. Watching the people passing by, finding yourself a quiet place – this is the most authentic ordinary lives.

  1. Daci Temple Teahouse

If you ask for the teahouse with the most stories, it must be the teahouse located inside the Daci Temple. A lot of seniors comes here, and the tea here is very cheap. The teahouse has a lot of history. The people here shares their own lives and also listen to others.

A cup of tea for a story, the bell in the temple suddenly rings with the chanting. The world of mortals is getting old. The people used to listen to the stories becomes the one telling them. The people who used to telling the stories, look, it’s just a cup of tea.

  1. Yuelai Teahouse

There are a lot of teahouse in Chengdu has a long history. However, Yuelai Teahouse will never be forgotten or replaced. Because it is known as the “Gathering Place for Operas”. Come here and sit on the chair made of bamboo, surrounded by green bricks and gray tiles and smells of tea.

Walking through the crowded Chunxi Road and Wangfujin, you can finally reach this place without being attracted by other things. Standing in front of Jinjiang Theatre, and you finally realized what is the real hermits live downtown. Yuelai Teahouse has an important place among all the teahouses in Chengdu. Here, tea drinking is not the most important things. Pingshu is the real matter here.

Li Boqing was also getting famous from here performing Pingshu. People likes listen to his stories about the different lives and pay no attention to the noisy outside.