Chinese Women’s Secret to Beauty

Chinese women are known to have a slim figure, ageless skin and healthy hair. Their secret to beauty may relate to the skin care they apply, the confidence they build via reading books, and the beautiful and varied patterns on their dresses. However, the secret we will talk about today concerns some living habit that Chinese females developed from the first day after their birth.

To start with, Chinese girls are taught by their mothers or grandmothers to always keep warm. You may have seen that some Chinese women wear relatively more in the winter. Chinese women think that the coldness the body possesses may result in cold feet and hands and even slow blood circulation. As long as the blood in our body cannot circulate well, the energy inside of our body cannot produce water and nutrition to our skin. Our skin will become lifeless. That’s why many ladies have a porcelain-like flawless skin but still looks like unhealthy. Moreover, for young ladies, they are likely to gain pimples on their face again.

Also, it is said that if the body gets cold, the female reproductive system will be influenced. The female reproductive system plays an crucial role in maintain health and keep beauty for women. This makes some sense, as we know that older people may be hard to get pregnant compared to young ladies. It is said that, if the body experiences coldness, the body itself will have to produce extra fat to help our female reproductive system warm and comfortable. That’s how likely our unpleasant belly with extra fat comes from. Thus, if the body stays warm all the time, the extra fat may disappear eventually because we are no longer in need of it any more.

Chinese women use some food remedies to keep their body warm. They think that some food will help us build up a warm, anti-coldness body. For example, red meat, like beef, dried fruits like red dates, glutinous rice, and cherries are all good for our blood circulation and prevent our body from the cold. Tea is also a great option.

Feet, ankles, knees, and necks are easy to get cold, according to the old generation in China. Thus, Chinese women will do something to keep these important parts of their body away from coldness. Besides wearing scarfs and relatively warmer clothes, in the cold winter, Chinese women would have their foot in hot water (the degree they can bear) to warm up their body for several minutes. This practice is believed to faster blood circulation inside the body as a whole.

Another way to keep warm is to do exercise. Mild yoga and Latin dance are now gaining popularity among Chinese women, as they believe that it would be beneficial to their blood circulation.

The second habit relates to the water. There is a Chinese saying goes like that: women are made of water. The water here does not mean the water we drink every day. Drinking a lot of water will do harm to our kidney. Chinese women try their best to maintain the water inside their body, and do so through drinks like tea.

Chinese women care about their diets. Snacks or any fried snacks will take water away from our body. Snacks, like Cheetos or potato chips are produced to be dehydrated. Chinese parents paid attention to what their children, especial girls, eat. Although snacks are tasty, it absorbs the water inside of our body, which cannot be made up completely by drinking water only. Chinese women prefer food to be steamed rather than fried, stewed rather than oven cooked. Such steamed and stewed food will add water to our body and help the existing water remain longer time inside of our body, which eventually contribute to beauty.

Third, as noticed before, a good dieting habit saves us from getting old. There are several food always welcomed by Chinese women. The first type of food is fresh fruit. Coke, sprite, or any soda drinks are popular all the world over. Chinese people prefer to eat great amount of fresh fruits instead. They are aware of the vitamin C and B inside of the fruits. Fresh fruits whiten and refresh our skins.

Besides, vegetables are another great food to stay young and maintain beauty. For example, taro can help whiten and brighten our skin. Taro activates and regenerates the cells in our body and help the body metabolize. It contains some proteins that help us digest. In addition, Chinese women never reject sesame. In Chinese ancient history, the Empress Dowager Cixi, who lived 74 years, was famous for her longevity in ancient time. She really liked to have sesame every day. Other vegetables include yam, lotus root, potatoes as so forth are all recommended.