Why Chinese Physicians Look Young: Foods with Strong Therapeutic Effects

For a lot of people, the theories of traditional Chinese medicine are good for your health and can be applied in daily life. Chinese medicines are believed to be mild and do not harm to your body, thus many people choose Chinese medicine to maintain their health. Chinese physicians are familiar with the therapeutic effects of different food, and are usually keeping a healthy diet. They recommend the following food as very beneficial to the functioning of our body.

  1. Lotus roots

It is praised by many Chinese physicians as good for strengthening your stomach, enriching blood, and fighting against cancer. From the perspectives of Chinese physicians, raw lotus roots are cool-natured and can reduce body heat, while cooked ones are warmed-natured and good for your stomach. From the western perspective, lotus roots contain a lot of iron to enrich blood, vitamin C, antioxidant, polysaccharides, and polyphenol, and therefore, are very nutritious and with cancer-combating properties.

  1. Oatmeal

It is especially good for people who are pregnant, and who have problems with being overweight or astriction. Surveys show that oatmeal helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The nutritional value of oatmeal lies on its bran, which has rich Vitamin B group. Pregnant women can eat more oatmeal because it is especially helpful for fetal development. The folic acid, mineral substance, and iron in oatmeal help prevents cancer, anemia, and improve wound healing. Rice in fiber, it increases satiety, promote bowel movement and thus is perfect food for anyone who wants to lose weight.

  1. Black sesame: nourish the blood, good for your brain and heart

Chinese physicians believe that black sesame keeps your brain healthy, makes your hair black and shiny, and nourishes your blood. It is especially good for laborers. Surveys of Western medicine also prove that unsaturated fatty acid and linolenate compose 90% of sesame, which is good for your heart. Besides, its sesamin can prevent skin cancer and reduce cholesterol.

  1. Water Spinach

According to Chinese physicians, water spinach clears away heat and toxic material in your body. It helps to stimulate bowel movement, improves your digestive health, and prevents you from common summer diseases. It is also agreed by western doctors that water spinach does reduce acidity in intestines, and create a better environment for probiotics to grow. Its rich fiber reduces cholesterol and improves bowel movement.

5.      Tea

Tea is high in Qi and has various health benefits due to the catechins and polyphenols inside tea leaves such as Green tea and Puer tea. In addition to cancer prevention, tea is also good for sleeping, digestion and skin quality.