Tea Houses and Tea Culture in Chonging, China

For a long time, Chongqing is known to have “many gates, temples and tea house”. Now, the modern life has been filled with our daily lives. Gaiwan tea has been gradually leaving us. When you live in a busy city, you might want to stay away from the noises in the metropolis and search for the most authentic Chongqing.

Jiaotong Tea House

The old tea house on Huanjueping Street

The tea house is not big, the old wooden structure, and uneven beam, revealing the unique sense of age. The atmosphere is dark and layback. The old-styled bench, the old squared wooden table, and make people feel the most authentic color of the culture in Chongqing.

Opening hour: 6 am to 11 pm

Types of tea: green tea, chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, Pu-er tea, Biluochun

Price: Green tea and Pu-er tea – 2 yuan per cup, flower tea (chrysanthemum tea and jasmine tea) – 3 yuan per cup, topped at 3 yuan, unlimited refill.

Features: the best preserved old tea house in Chongqing, known as “the first tea house in Chongqing”. Popular among young artistic people and loved by the film directors.

Hanling Tea Garden

The old tea house in Ciqikou

The owner of the tea house has fall in love with tea when he was young. Fromm astronomy, geography, society and humanities, he can chat a little bit with the guests. Here, you can even learn a few secret words for the underground group. If you sit the Gaiwan stand next to the bowl, it call “Leng Qi”, which means when you treat someone for tea but you forget to bring money, to avoid the embarrassment, you can do this to signal to the owner, that you will pay the money back later.

Opening hour: 9 am to 8 pm

Types of tea: green tea, black tea, Pu-er tea, Zhuyeqing, Biluochun and various flower tea

Price: green tea and Pu-er tea – 10 yuan per cup, flower tea (chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea) – 10 yuan per cup, high quality teas from 15 yuan to 25 yuan.

Features: when you drink the tea, you can enjoy the flower, make poem, paint and listen to the stories told by the owner.

People’s Park Baba tea

The old tea house in People’s Park

Pleasant outdoor tea house atmosphere, drinking tea, reading the newspaper, seeing the crowd comes and goes, listen to the birds singing and smell the flavor of tea. You can sit here for the whole day, and enjoy the purest fun of life.

Opening hour: 8 am to 9 pm

Types of tea: Pu-er tea, flower teas, green tea, black tea, Tieguanyin and others

Price: 3 yuan for the sits if you bring your own tea, Pu-er tea – 5 yuan, flower tea and green tea 8 – 10 yuan.

Features: shadow of the tree, constantly sounds of birds, pleasant environment.

Fairy Tea House

The old tea house on Houchi Street

The size of the tea house is not big with not many guests. Most people here are neighbors in the area. The owner of the tea house is an old lady, because she is very old, every guest who comes her for tea will serve himself with the tea. Come her and sit, the old neighbors will tell you the story of the local life.

Opening hour: 9 am to 5 pm

Types of tea: Pu-er tea, flower teas, green tea, black tea

Price: Pu-er tea – 1.5 yuan per cup, green tea and flower tea – 2 yuan per cup

Feature: traditional Gaiwan Tea, following the traditional style of the tea house. You can only drink tea and chat here, no alcoholic drinks or poker game.

Changting Tea Garden

The old tea house in the park

Changting tea garden is one of the few tea houses that has been kept since the liberation. Guo Moruo, Lao She, Cao Yu and some other celebrities have left their footprint here.

Opening hour: 8 am to 9 am

Types of tea: green tea, Pu-er tea, black tea

Feature: one with the long history. Fun to enjoy the tea and the view.

18 stairs Old Tea House

The tea house of collection

The tea house build in Qing Dynasty, used to be a resting points for the bellhop. The tea house is four-story building, by the side of the mountain. It has collected many old tea wares, furniture, and paintings. On the building, you can see the Yangtze river. By the window, you can see the layers of the old house, your mind will flow away with the gradually disappearing old mountain city. Here, a few dollars can have a cup a strong tea. Watching the neighbors play chess, listen to the Sichuan opera. The bridge hole has strengthened the echo of the sound. However, this tea house is gone now.

Qixiangju Tea House

Outdoor tea house

There are many places you can shop, sit, and eat by the side of the old stadium in Chongqing. The tea house, book stall, and restaurants, among which the most popular one is the Qixiangju Tea House. Ordering a cup of sour plum soup, a bowl of Douhua, the time will slowly pass away. Now, this tea house has disappeared due to the renovation of the old city.

When you come to Chongqing for traveling, you want to experience the authentic city life, the old tea house is the must go place. Many tea houses might become the part of the memories eventually. Take the advantage of the time and the still existing tea houses, and feel the pass of time.