Is Chrysanthemum Tea Safe and Suitable for Everyone?

Chrysanthemum tea is a common tea drink, loved by many people.

However, chrysanthemum tea is not suitable for everyone. Before you drink chrysanthemum tea, you have to know if you are suitable for this type of tea.

Brewing chrysanthemum tea

There are many ways to drink chrysanthemum tea, depends on different needs. Chamomile is very suitable to drink, especially the white chrysanthemum from Suzhou and Hangzhou.

When you brew chrysanthemum tea, it is better to use glass cup. Each time brew 4 to 5 chrysanthemum, then brew with boiled water for 2 to 3 minutes. You can see the water turns slowly into light yellow.

Every time you drink it, don’t drink it all. Save 1/3 of the water and add new water into it. Brew for a while, then drink it.

When you drink chrysanthemum tea, you can add a few crystal sugar. This will taste more sweet.

Chrysanthemum tea actually don’t add other tea leaves; it merely brews dried chrysanthemum. Hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer, it is very good beverage.

What you need to pay attention to when you drink chrysanthemum tea?

  1. Don’t drink chrysanthemum tea for long term and continuously.

Recent research has found that chrysanthemum contains many nutritious substances that are good for human body. When it enters human body, it can clear the heat inside the body, protect against virus, and has anti-aging effects.

But you need to know that you cannot take chrysanthemum tea for long term. Normally, you have to stop after taking 3 to 5 days consecutively. In order to avoid the harm may cause to the human body.

  1. You have to know what type of your body is, before drinking chrysanthemum tea.

Expert suggest, if you have cold or weak spleen and stomach. If you continue drink the chrysanthemum tea, which can clear the heat inside the body, it will hurt your body, causing your body to get weaker.

If you stomach is not good, when you drink too much chrysanthemum tea, it will upset the stomach.

  1. Add crystal sugar

The taste of chrysanthemum is bitter. Therefore, many people like to add a few crystal sugar to adjust the taste. Normally, it is permitted to add sugar in the chrysanthemum tea. And it will not harm your body.

But if for diabetes patients or someone has high blood sugar level, it is better not to add sugar when you drink the tea.

Who should not drink chrysanthemum tea?

  1. Pregnant women

Pregnant women should be careful not to drink chrysanthemum tea for long term. Otherwise, it will hurt their body, bad for their health. Even though, the cold property of chrysanthemum is a good treatment for constipation. However, because the immunity of pregnant women is relatively low. And their spleen and stomach are weak. When they drink chrysanthemum tea, it can cause more harm to the body.

  1. Patients with cold body

Because the property of chrysanthemum is cold. Therefore, people with cold body should not drink chrysanthemum tea, otherwise will affect their health. If they drink chrysanthemum, it will worsen their condition.

In real life, if you feel cold in hands and feet in summer, stomach upset, and easy to get sick, normally, it suggests you have cold boy. Then, you should not drink chrysanthemum.

  1. Allergy patients

Some people are allergic to chrysanthemum, then they should never drink chrysanthemum.

Certain group of people will develop allergy after drinking chrysanthemum. The specific symptoms are skin irritation, or even a rash, accompanied by itching. Some case even worse, people may faint.

Thus, patients are allergic to chrysanthemum should not get in contact with this type of herbal.

  1. People has the cold

People have cold should not drink chrysanthemum tea, which will worsen their disease and harm their recovery.

Even though, chrysanthemum has some effect in preventing cold, however, does not including the cold caused by chill. Wind-cold is normally caused by cold. If you drink chrysanthemum, it will worsen the condition.