Chunyi Lin – Bio of Spring Forest Qigong Founder

After founding the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, Master Chunyi Lin propelled himself in to the stratosphere, becoming one of the biggest names in Qigong. Anyone who is anyone has heard of Master Lin and many millions of practitioners around the world have gotten where they are thanks to his teachings.

If you do not know who Master Lin is, then you are in the minority, especially within the Qigong community, but don’t worry as we’ll help you to play catch-up, telling you all that you need to know about this Qigong master.

Early Years

Master Chunyi Lin was born and raised in China. He turned to Qigong as a way of curing a number of issues that were not going away with the help of modern medicine. He also wanted something that could improve his overall well being, something that could make him a happier person as well as a healthier person. Like many of us, Master Lin’s discovery of Qigong was a revelation and as soon as he began to understand the benefits of this practice, he wanted to learn more.

Within a few years Master Lin had acquired enough knowledge to heal himself of all of the issues that had plagued him throughout his life and to become a healer himself. At that point he decided to spread his message around the world and he moved to the United States. This was prior to the start of the new millennium, a time when eastern medicine was still relatively alien in the west. As a result, there were some challenging times ahead for this Qigong expert.

The Spring Forest Qigong Centre

Master Lin founded the Spring Forest Qigong Centre in Minnesota, choosing a beautiful location known as Eden Prairie, ideally located near one of the Great Lakes. He then set about introducing the principles of Qigong to a western audience that had never heard of this practice, an audience that wasn’t a receptive as Master Lin’s Chinese brethren back home.

But in creating Spring Forest Qigong, Master Lin had created something that was unique, something that was more accessible than traditional Qigong, but something that didn’t sacrifice effectiveness in order to become more accessible. Spring Forest Qigong doesn’t focus as much on cultural or religious aspects as other schools of Qigong, using them only when they can help with the healing aspect. It also focuses more on healing techniques and less on other ancient Chinese medicine practices.

These are still discussed, along with techniques such as third eyes and sixth senses. But they are not introduced until an advanced level, by which point students will already have a firm grasp of what Qigong is and what it can do for them.

The fact that its courses are structured into levels is another reason that the Spring Forest Qigong Centre was able to take off so quickly. In this sense, it works like a traditional school, giving students a starting point and an end goal, and ensuring that students of all levels and all abilities have a grade which they will be comfortable in.

Noteworthy Awards and Accreditations

Over the years, Master Lin has made many marks on the world of Qigong, including:

  • International Qigong Master of the Year: This illustrious award was given to Master Lin in 2010 by the World Qigong Congress.
  • Studies: Many studies have been performed on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all of which reached positive outcomes. These include studies by the Mayo Clinic.
  • SFQ Institute: This was founded in 2014 as a way of introducing a “healer into every home” in the world. 

Learn More: Born A Healer

Master Lin is also an author and as well as co-authoring a book with Nisha Manek of the Mayo Clinic, he has penned his own autobiography. This is titled “Born A Healer” and can be found on Amazon, as well as on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website. This book goes into detail on Master Lin’s life and his experiences with Qigong. It discusses the work that he did with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and it also contains testimonials from many of his students, people whose lives were changed for the better because of the work of the SFQ and the teachings of Master Lin.

If you want to learn more about Master Lin and his centre, then this is a great place to start. To jump straight in and start learning from the master today, simply visit the SFQ website, signup for one of their offline retreats and courses, or checkout their Youtube channel.