Chunyi Lin Videos – Review of Master Lin’s Videos

Qigong struggled to gain a foothold in the west as little as 20 years ago. That’s because it didn’t have much of an online presence, with very few ways for anyone to learn the necessary techniques. There were pictures and written texts, but these don’t always provide the best tuition. Once videos became the norm and we all had connections quick enough to stream and download instantly, that changed and now Qigong is known and understood all over the world.

Videos are still the best way to learn Qigong techniques and exercises, as there is very little chance of misunderstanding something. One of the schools that offers the best, most informative and easy-to-follow video collections is the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is run by Master Lin.

Qigong for Health and Qigong for Healing

The first course you should look to take when you join the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is the Qigong for Health course, which also goes by the name “SFQ Fundamentals”. This course is a complete beginner course and has everything you need to get you started with this practice. There is a written element and there is also a CD, but you will also get a DVD that includes a wealth of exercises and techniques.

Qigong for Health is a level 1 course and there are many other level 1 courses that you should look to study when you finish this. After you get through thwsw, you should move onto Qigong for Healing, which also contains an audio, written and video element. The DVD on this level 2 course also contains a number of exercises and techniques, ones that are a little more advanced than what you learned in level 1.

Qi-ssage Healing

One of the many techniques that Master Lin has created over the years is Qi-ssage. This is an entire system of techniques, all based around the concept of acupressure. This basically uses ancient Chinese massage to target key energy points in your body, removing the blockages that form there.

All of the body’s symptoms are caused by energy blockages and all blockages form in key areas, known as “energy points”. So, by beginning with your symptom, you can discover which energy point needs to be targeted and which technique you need to perform in order to cure yourself.

The Qi-ssage Healing course can help with all of this. It includes a manual and a CD, both of which go someway to explaining what Qi-ssage is all about. The best aspect of this course is the DVD, which contains a full Qi-ssage healing session, as performed by Master Lin himself, and also includes some illustrations that show you where the main energy points are.

SFQ Youtube Channel

If you want a free taste of what the Spring Forest Qigong Centre can offer you, and you want to see Master Lin in action, then visit the SFQ Youtube channel. This contains an assortment of videos, explaining all kinds of techniques, methods and meditations. There is also a number of testimonials from people whose lives have been turned around by the work of the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and Master Lin.

Some of these videos are the same ones you will find bundled in with the main courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. For instance, some of the active exercises that you will get as part of the SFQ Fundamentals course, are also available on the SFQ Youtube channel. You can also find a number of other key techniques here, including:

  • Sword Fingers
  • Stroke Recovery Method
  • Healing Meditation Techniques
  • How to Improve Eyesight
  • How to Lower Blood Pressure 

You can also see some Qi-ssage healing techniques on this channel. These are just a small fraction of what you can find on the Qi-ssage Healing course and the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual (which is very similar), but it’s a great way to acquaint yourself with this practice.

Wisdom Embodiment Package

If you make it all of the way to level 4 then you can signup for the Wisdom Embodiment Package. This was actually a retreat, held at the SFQ Healing Centre, but it was recorded and made available as a series of downloads. This retreat was held over the course of a few days and contains some advanced healing techniques, helping you to heal yourself and others of everything from cancer and AIDs, to serious bone diseases and more.