5 types of tea that suitable for brewing with cold water

The mid-autumn festival, cake and tea are perfect for the reunions of the family. The egg yolks wrapped with lotus, the intertwined of the sweetness and saltiness. Take a sip of tea, so the extra fat will be swept away. The combination of two has become classic. People use to the idea that tea should be drink while it’s hot. However, the cold brewed tea is not a bad choice. The tea leaves can release the sweetness under low temperature, less bitterness and caffeine. 100 ml water with 1 gram of tea leaves, brewing them with the room temperature water. Refrigerated 6-8 hours, then it is completely. You can also add ice in the drink. The five types of tea are listed below that are suitable for cold water, which have different effect. Will this become the new attempt in this mid-autumn festival?

Lotus tea

Elegant floral, slightly lingering with saltiness. The tree branches and tea leaves of lotus are the most valuable herbs in China, which can cool down the extra calories and have effect of reducing the heat inside the body. It can also ease the condition of rash, irritability, headache, heat stroke and thirst, even help improve digestion, and help lose weight. The vitamin, 17 types of amino acids, calcium, zinc, and other elements needed by human body are also contained in the tea.

Wormwood tea

The aromatic smell, mixed with the flavor of pepper and mint. It can clean the trash and extra fat inside the human body. The wormwood tea recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” can cure the cold and help the growth of hair. There are many trace elements can improve the function of brain and anti-aging effect. The ability of resistance can be improved, and it can protect the liver.

Organic green tea

With lightly flavor of fruit, the first round of brewing has the taste of delicious roasted baked nuts. The organic green tea contains the rich natural elements, which has good antioxidant effect. The vitamin C, A and E contained in the green tea, can be used in Chinese medicine to ease headache, digestion, reduce bloating and edema.

Chinese quince tea

It is called Chinese quince tea in English, not the Papaya we normally eat. In Korea, it sounds like mo-gwa. It looks like apple or pears. The tea has strong fruit flavor, balancing and calming down the liver, adjusting the nerve system. It can make people relax and reduce the stress. The loose muscle can promote the blood circulation. The rich vitamin A, fiber and iron contained in the green tea that is used in both Chinese and Korean medicine. It can be used to protect heart and lung, and help digestion.

Wild pear tea

The wild pear tea is a rosacea plant, which tastes sweet and the smell will make you feel relaxed. The juice has the effect of protection lung, improve respiratory system, ease the cough, and improve the immune system. The wild pear tea can reduce the blood sugar, especially suitable for the diabetes patients. It can let the blood sugar level back to normal, which is a common Chinese herbal medicine.