People with Coronary Heart Disease Need to be Selective with Tea

Tea has good health effect. Some people even have addiction on tea, if they don’t drink tea one day, they will feel not very comfortable. The tea contains tea polyphenols, which can prevent the atherosclerosis. However, there is certain thing you need to be careful with, the level of the tea need to be appropriate. It is better not to drink strong tea, otherwise will damage the health, especially for coronary heart disease patient.

A few things need to pay attention to for coronary heart disease patient:

  1. The choice of the tea

Depends on the physical condition of the person, the choice of the tea is different. For person with strong heat inside, they are suitable for green tea, especially the half-raw tea, such as Longjin, Yellow Mountain Maofeng and others. For person with spleen deficiency, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, black tea is appropriate. There are many types of flower teas, such as rose tea, jasmine tea. The tea is smoked with flowers. It is cold in nature or mild, which has wide range of application.

If you want to lower the fat, and blood pressure, it is suitable for Oolong tea, especially Tieguanyin.

  1. Drinking tea should not be too strong, it is better to be light.

Drinking tea can enhance the contraction of the heart, speed up the heart beating rate, which will make the blood pressure increase faster. It may cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation and others. In worth scenery, it will cause dangerous consequences.

The tannic acid contained in the strong tea is not little, which will affect he absorption of protein. It will lead to the dryness of the stool. Thus, the coronary heart disease patient should drink light tea, not strong tea.

Below is the herbal tea recommended for coronary heart disease patients:

  1. Dragon’s beard and rehmannia tea

Preparing 20 grams of rehmannia, and 20 grams of dragon’s beard. Use middle fire to boil the two Chinese herbs, then you can drink it.

Function: it can help elderly people to prevent the heart pain caused by coronary heart disease, can work to nutrient the heart, strengthen the myocardial hypoxia tolerance.

  1. Safflower, sandalwood, green tea

Preparing 3 grams of green tea, 5 grams of sandalwood, 4 grams of safflowers, 20 grams of sugar. Brewing directly with the boiled water, adding white sugar for 3 minutes, then you can drink it.

Function: green tea can promote the digestion and expectoration, safflower can improve blood circulation, sandalwood can relieve pain. Thus, this tea can prevent the pain and chest tightness of coronary heart disease patient.

  1. Chinese sage and honey tea

Preparing 25 grams of Chinese sage, honey and Chinese knotweed. Boiling the Chinese sage and knotweed, getting rid of the residue, then add honey into it, mix them completely. It is ready to drink.

Function: it can compensate for your spleen, protect the heart, and have good effect to calm yourself. It is very suitable for coronary heart disease.

Beside the tea introduced above, in the daily life, you can eat a lot of fish, nuts, drink hard water, which has prevention effect to coronary heart disease.