Creative space for tea culture gaining popularity

With the improvement of the living standards for human beings, the simple consumption of tea can no longer satisfy the growing needs for cultural life. Therefore, under such trend living space aesthetically, clothing, appliance matching personal characteristics, and educational training and consumption culture centered around tea, equipment, flower, art, instrument, painting and other personal culture improvement are emerged to meet the new consumption patterns. This is something that apparently cannot be carried by traditional industry terminals and channels. Nowadays, some tea clubs, who is sensitive to market changes, have already taken the first step to expanding the function in tea space. However, because these trials have put too much emphasizes on training and member services, the targeted clients and customers are limited, which has restrained its ability to become the mainstream.

According to a new article from Chinese media, the ninth China (Shenzhen) International Tea Industry Expo, also the exhibition of red stoneware, ceramics, mahogany and tea wares, will present the designing concept of tea culture space as the biggest highlights of the exhibition, which brings people the cultural experience and visual shock. Inside the section of “Tea flowing” will not only provide the tea drinking opportunity by the water side but also crafted a tea culture space with a blend of various forms of a tea ceremony, scent ceremony, flower ceremony, ceramics, mahogany, painting and various forms of arts. Many traditional cultural elements have gathered here to perform on the stage. Also, each booth that elaborately designed inside the exhibition hall is also independent tea culture space. Some are classic and elegant, some are high-end, some are filled with the flavor of the minority group. Unique, exquisite and elegant tea space displayed in three-dimension makes hard for people to leave. A couple of days is just not enough to enjoy it, and people wish to bring everything back home to enjoy it slowly.

During the exhibition, exhibitors have showcased the perfect interpretation of product content through appropriately designed spaces. Working cooperatively with other companies at the scene that inside the industry chain, they have successfully improved the companies’ brand image and additional value. Tea culture space is gradually becoming the docking platform that is commonly pursued by relevant companies, institutions and consumers. It will become the main trend that leads the future development of tea industry.

How to build a huge dynamic creative space of tea culture to attract more brand, institutions and consumers to join, which forms a regular platform for resources exchange and communication, thus lead the evolution of industrial channels? The creative space of tea culture team – “Changan Red” broke the rules and innovated bravely and formed the strategic alliance with Xi’an Chang’an International Tea City, who aiming at becoming “The first tea City of Silk Road”. Based on the large distribution channels, it created a huge creative space for tea culture, which is a thousand square meter spaces combined with the aesthetics of tea life, an experience of creative tea cultural products, brand promotion, project performance, educational training, and culture. It was also combined with promotions on online platforms to lead the domestic creative industry for tea culture. The project operates with the micro-exhibition model, through the dynamic tea events and cultural activities, leading the effective and continuous communication with brands and targeted consumers, thus make up the problems of the insufficient public appearance of brands due to low frequency of big exhibitions. It is beneficial for companies to grow deeper inside the area market, which differentiates this space from other traditional channels. The concept of “Chang’an Red” has immediately received support and optimistic response from the industry insiders as soon as it launched.

Currently, this project has attracted many local famous cultural institutions and relevant brands to join; they have expressed that the first huge creative space of tea culture can combine and attract more outstanding traditional Chinese culture, and become the most powerful culture and creative tea culture ecosystem, supporting the development of brands. It is reported some of the brands has already made the reservation to showcase at space.