Beijing Dajue Temple Tea Culture Exhibition hosts in Chongqing

Many people like to drink tea, but it is a completely different feeling when you enjoy a tea ritual performance. The opportunity arrives, the “Dajue Temple – encountering the tea from thousand years ago – Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition” will be hosted in the Wang Qi Art Musuem in Yuzhong district on September 23rd. Residents can visit the exhibition for free and enjoy a tea ritual performance and drinking tea.

According to the introduction, this event includes the tea culture exhibition, traditional Chinese tea ritual performance and display, famous people in the history of Dajue Temple. The tea culture exhibition will be divided in six parts, including tea, water, tea ware, people, things, and environment. The tea specialist from the Minghui Tea Academy of Dajue Temple will give exhibition and performance on traditional Chinese tea, including the literati tea and zen tea.

The zen tea performance at the scene is very unique, besides the music and tea ware, the tea specialists dressed in zen dress also use fingerprints to show the audience the charm of zen. The communication between the performer and audience is conducted through silence. So the audience will be able to experience and understand the traditional concepts of “smiling while picking up the flower” and “the taste of zen tea”. The tea specialist of the literati tea is dressed in the traditional costume in Ming and Qing dynasty. They slowly walked to the stage, while the famous zither song “moonlit night” plays in the background. After the process of tools preparation, clean up the air with incense, observe the tea, brew the tea, serve the tea and others, the performer shows the audience the view of tea drinking in the traditional Chinese literati way.

The host of the exhibition says the event aim to help promoting the Chinese tea culture, encourage the communication between the museums in Beijing and Chongqing, also the communication in the tea culture. They hope audiences can have deeper understanding and experience to the profound Chinese tea culture, through the watching the performance, interacting with the tea drinks at the scene. Also, it enables visitors to find a small piece of quietness in their fast paced busy working life.


This Tea Culture Exhibition will be hosted during September 23rd to September 29th (the exhibition is closed on 26th). The zen tea performance will start at 10:30 each morning. The literati tea performance will be conducted at 15:30 in the afternoon. People who likes tea drinking and tea ritual should not miss this opportunity.