Alternative Cures for Diabetes – Qigong for Diabetes

In this article we’ll look at ways that the Spring Forest Qigong Centre can help you to cure diabetes and its many symptoms. This includes some simple healing courses, diet advice and supplements, all of which were either endorsed or created by the SFQ founder Master Lin.

Proper Diet

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is hard enough as it is, but when you’re diabetic, it becomes a near impossible task. Add the need to lose some weight to the mix and your diet can consume you. That’s because many “low-fat” products are loaded with sugars in order to compensate, and if you’re diabetic, that can cause problems.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can also cause yourself problems if you eat too much of a single food group, or a single type of food (all foods are categorised into several degrees of heat, beginning with cold and ending with hot). Just as you can cause problems if you eat foods that do not fit your body type.

Basically, dieting is hard enough, but it becomes even more so when you are diabetic, and getting it wrong could be hugely detrimental to your health. That’s why it is important to understand your body and its needs. You can do this through a system of trial and error and by studying Qigong, or you can get a one-on-one healing session with a healer from the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. There are also many diet specific courses at the SFQ that might be able to help you. Just bear in mind that while many of these courses advocate the benefits of fasting, this might not be a wise move if you’re diabetic.

My Nurish

A good way to boost your health if you have problems with blood sugar, is with a supplement called Nature’s Qi, which was endorsed by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and by Master Lin in particular. This combines a host of vegetable and fruit extracts, along with a healthy dose of fibre, enzymes and probiotics. What’s more, it’s all diabetic friendly, as there are no added sugars. It doesn’t taste bad either, as Nature’s Qi contains 100% natural stevia leaf, which imparts a subtle but pleasant sweetness, and one that is accentuated by the addition of fruit extracts.

This supplement comes in a powdered form, and it is added to water or fruit juice and drunk once a day. It will give your body a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals, and may be just what you need to restore some balance to your diet. You can purchase Nature’s Qi from the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.

Cure Diabetes

There are actually many techniques, meditations and exercises that can help you with your diabetes, many of which are available on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. Simple mediations, such as Small Universe, and simple exercises, such as Breathing of the Universe, can both help with this. These practices help to keep your energy channels open, which in turn will ensure that you remain healthy at all times.

However, the best way to target the cause and the root of the illness, is to signup to a healing program like the ones listed below:

  • Head to Toe Bodys Repair Manual: There are 76 techniques in this manual, some of which can target diabetes (with others targeting everything from headaches to back pain and cancer symptoms). These include technique number 10, which describes a simple eye massage, performed just under the eyes, that can help to unblock major channels in your body and to target problems associated with diabetes. There are also finger and hand massages that can target the same problems, as this area of your body is connected to your digestive and endocrine system. This book provides illustrations of the techniques you need to perform and their locations, as well as the benefits and the reasoning behind them. This manual was compiled by Master Lin and as well as self-healing techniques there is also a recipe for Yin Yang Water, as well as techniques that pregnant women can use on themselves. You can even find a few techniques to keep a newborn baby healthy.
  • Qi-ssage Healing: Whereas the above course focuses on self-healing, this one leans more towards techniques that can be used to heal others. It can still be used on yourself though. Qi-ssage Healing combines Qigong and massage, and works in a similar way to the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual. Like the aforementioned manual, it also includes a simple cure for diabetes.