Tea wares for different amounts of people

Tea drinkers, who have drunk tea for many years, have their own unique set of tea wares. However, for someone, who is new to tea, facing the various tea wares in the market, sometimes, you really don’t know how you should match the tea wares with your tea. In fact, the simplest way is to choose your tea wares according to the numbers of drinkers.

One person: Quick Cup

It is such a pleasant thing to enjoy your free time, drinking tea and reading the book. And brewing tea for oneself with a stylish and convenient quick cup, it is an excellent choice. Living in the past-paced world now, with the quick cup you can brew a nice cup of tea in a few minutes. It is also very easy to clean. You just need to rinse it with water. No matter it’s for family, travel or office, it is very practical.

Two persons: Yixing Clay Teapot + Longquan Celadon Cup

When two people are drinking, they are normally couples, friends, or business partners. The topics during the tea time may cover the affairs of the families, states, business or casual. But no matter which affairs, the primary environment is relatively quiet and elegant. So it is appropriate to use an ancient style Clay Teapot. Pouring the tea slowly into the Celadon Cup, which is the perfect fit for the environment and the mood of the moment.

Three persons: Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea Sets

Chaoshan people love drinking tea and are good at brewing tea, which is known to many people. Chaoshan Kungfu tea has hundred years of history till now. It not only has a complete tea brewing technique, but also a unique tea set – Mengcheng Guan (purple clay pot), Ruochen Ou (an extraordinarily small cup), Yushu Wei (pottery kettle), Red Mud Stove and other traditional and practical equipment, which seems mystery and fun to the modern generation.

Of course, nowadays most people will boil the water with electronic stoves. That’s why many of them keep the basic Chaoshan Hand Kettle and three white porcelain cups – arranged in the circle to form the Chinese word “Taste” (ping). Three people taste the tea and discuss, cannot get more appropriate than this.

More than 3 persons: Gaiwan (lidded bowl) + Teapot + Teacups+ Gongdao Cup (tea pitcher) + filter

Making adjustment based on the basics of Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea Sets, it evolved into a Gaiwan, several teapots (consistent with the number of guests), Gongdao Cup, filter and Gongdao set to form a complete tea set, which is now standard equipment for the teahouse. With many people, this setting is very suitable.

Tea sets

It is a relatively easy and simple way to determine the which tea sets to use according to the number of drinkers. Of course, there is the situation that no matter in which environment, he will use only one kind of tea set. For example, many Chaoshan people like to use Kung Fu tea sets no matter where they go. Anyway, as long as you feel comfortable using it, it is a good tea set.