How to Brew Iron Disc Pu-erh Hand by Hand

3 tips to handle the hard to brew Iron Disc Pu-erh tea

Iron Disc Pu-erh tea is the tightest pressed tea among all the other pressed tea. When you first brew them, because they are tight, it is hard to completely separate them. This makes it hard for people to tell how long should the tea leaves be soaked in water and when should get the tea leaves out of the water. If you get the tea leaves out of water too fast, you can barely taste the tea. If you get the tea leaves out of water too slow, the bitterness will appear in the tea. Thus, when you brew the tea, there are several trips you need to use to tackle this problem.

Today, we will talk about how to brew the Iron Disc Pu-erh tea correctly.

How, let have a look at the principles for brewing raw Pu-erh tea.

  1. In accordance to the tightness of the iron disc, in order to make the have the similar level of strength, and consistent taste, it is recommended to get the tea loose. Then divided them into smaller pieces. It is better for the tea to dissolve completely and balance the taste.
  2. How water is poured in and out, big, small, slow or fast can affect the quality of the tea. Rough or delicate, sudden pause or long and continuous can make the aroma unstable or stable. If the water is too small, it will weaken the grandeur. If the water is too fast and big, the aroma of the tea will mix up with others. Therefore, the pour in water and out should not be too rush or too slow. The moderate is better.
  3. Balance the process of soaking and brewing. In this way, it can better preserve the aroma and extend the existence of the aroma.

Brewing with Gaiwan: 3 basic tips

Brewing wares: Gaiwan, fair cup, instant brew, tea tasting cup, tea towels

Recommended ratio for brewing: 7-gram tea and 100 ml Gaiwan

Brewing process: (decanting the tea in low temperature à warm up the tea in high temperature à brewing the tea with high temperature

  1. decanting the tea in low temperature

Using 50-70 degrees of water, slowing pour the water in at the approximately 3 cm from the edge of the Gaiwan. Pouring the water around the wall of the Gaiwan until half of the cup is full. The total time for pouring the water is about 5 seconds, soaking the tea leaves for 30 seconds. Then pour the tea out.

Notes: after the tea is poured out, let the tea sit for 30 seconds before warming up the tea. This will let the water slowing get into the tea, and better for the brewing.

  1. warm up with the tea using high temperature

Using 90-95 degrees of water, slowly pour the water until it is 80 -90 percent full. This process takes about 8 – 10 seconds. Then, immediately put back the cover, and the water out of the tea.

  1. Brewing with high temperature

Using the boiling water just boiled, slowing pour in the water in the same spot for 8 – 10 seconds. Soaking the tea leaves in the water for about 8 – 10 seconds. And pour the water out.

The process of pour the water out is better to done in slow and soft pace, rather than fast and hard. When you pour out the water, it is better to pour out all the water.

After 3 or 4 rounds, based on the taste of tea, you can extend the soaking time for 5 – 10 second.


The benefits of using Gaiwan to brew tea is because it is easier to pour the water out. First to the 4th round of brew, using boiled water, without cover. Each round should take 10 seconds. It tells directly the pros and cons of the tea.

In summary, once you proprorately master the three tricks of decanting with low temperature, warm up with high temperature, and brew with high temperature. It won’t be hard to brew a good cup of tea form the iron disc Pu-erh tea.