Don’t Eat These Foods After Drinking Tea

There is certain food taboo. If you eat random food while drink tea, it will have some phenomenon of food conflicts emerge, which will cause toxic substances and affect human health. The 6 foods below should not eat with tea.

  1. Tea and sugar

Tea is bitter and cold in nature. The purpose of drinking tea is help stimulate the digestive gland, promoting the secreting of digestive juice and enhance the digestive function. Also, take the cold nature has effect of clear the heat inside the body.

If you add sugar in the tea, this effect will be hindered. But in the ancient book, the tea and sugar were used as remedies. It is ok to use it as diet remedy, but you should not drink tea with sugar.

  1. Tea and egg

Boiling egg with tea. The concentration of the tea is high. The strong tea has more tannic acid. The tannic acid can turn the protein in the food into substance that is hard to digest. This will affect the absorption and utilization of protein.

Egg is high protein food, thus, should not boil egg with tea.

  1. Tea and alcohol

Many people like to drink tea after drinking, hoping to cure the hangover, helping to digest. However, it is bad for kidney.

Because drinking tea after drinking, the tea can increase the production of urine. At this time, the acetaldehyde converted from alcohol has not fully decomposed. Because the urine, they went inside kidney. Acetaldehyde has posted greater irritation to kidney and thus, cause damage to kidney. So, symptoms like cold kidney, impotence, urine turbidity, testicular pain and others will happen.

  1. Tea and lamb

Even though eating lamb is beneficial to human body, when you eat lamb while drink tea, the rich protein contained in lamb will combine with the tannic acid in the tea, creating a substance called tannin. This substance constrains the movement of the intestine, losing the water in the stool and leading to constipation.

  1. Tea and medicine

The tannic acid contained in the tea can have chemical reaction to certain medicines (such as ferrous sulfate, ammonium ferulate, berberine, and others) and produce precipitation, which will affect the absorption of the medicines.

If you use tea to take sedatives (such as phenobarbital, diazepam and others). The caffeine and theophylline will reduce the effect or diminish the calm effect of the drugs.

There are many types of drugs. It is not easy to know all. So, it is beneficial to use water to take medicine.

  1. Should not drink tea after eating dog meat

Dog meat contains rich protein, and tea contains high level of tannic acid. If you drink tea immediately after eating dog meat, it will make the tannic acid react with protein, creating tannin. This substance constrains the movement of the intestine, losing the water in the stool and leading to constipation. It is unhealthy. Thus, you should drink tea after eating dog meat.