What the ecological culture of Pu-er tea?

Current in the market, there are many that promotes ecological tea and organic tea. Today, we are going to share some relevant knowledge on “the ecological culture of Pu-er tea”, including the meaning of the ecological tea culture, value and others.

  1. The meaning of the culture of the ecological tea

Place of origin – local specialty;

Ecological – green, health and organic;

Aboriginal tea culture – tea culture of Yunnan minority nationalities

Flavor – natural flavor

  1. The value of the culture of ecological tea
  • Nostalgia value

Modern society is the society that emphasize progress. The fast pace of growing made the society to abandon some value things, among which are also things are worthy remembering. Because, the society that accompanied with progress is the nostalgia society. People need to find some old thing or some traditional way to remember the past. Pu-er tea is such a good thing. The ancient caravan, the tea seeds left by Zhu Geliang, the light flavor of sun after the tea has been through the withering process and the ancient tools used to press tea. They are all good topics for nostalgia. Therefore, the ancient caravan has gained popularity among the media when they first entered modern Beijing. And the trend has been spread to the whole Northern part of Beijing. And now, it has become the fever of Pu-er all over the country.

  • Exotic value

For mainland China, Yunnan is the frontier. For middle part of China, Yunnan is rural place. For many people, Yunnan is an exotic country. Many people come to Yunnan to travel out of curiosity. And Pu-erh is the most valuable tea with exotic value in China. In terms of process, the withering process and traditional stone model technique has given the product unique shape in cake, brick, or bunch. And the new trend of expensive fresh tea instead of the traditionally claimed value old tea, where the older the better. This information is complete different from what the people that get to know Pu-erh tea for the first time. The Pu-er tea, shown as revolutionary, against traditional tea. The consumers commonly gain strong exotic feeling towards Pu-er tea. Additionally, there are many myths, legends and minority tea culture attached to Pu-erh, which are the major causes of the origin of the sense of exotic.

  • Health value

Modern people pursuits health, which is why the health trend of modern society are becoming more and more obvious. The future society is apparently a health society. The reason why modern people pursuits health is because they are forced by the unhealthy living environment and life in the modern time. More scarce the thing is, the more people will pursuit it. When the society commonly pursuits health, on the one hand it shows the level of material life has been raised, where people have more needs. On the other hand, it explains that the health itself is a scarce commodity. The tea itself is rich with health characteristics. It’s green, health, and organic characteristics satisfy what is needed in this generation. A healthy society is bound to give rise to the larger health industry. Howe to combine Pu-er tea with the health industry will become the major task in the research of Pu-er tea industry.

The ecological tea culture only explains that Pu-er is a tea with personality and characteristics. Pu-er can grow its types and brands based on the characteristics of the ecological form and become a strong local tea brand of China.

To sum it up, no matter the historic value or the health value of old tea tree, they are all the strongest representative of the ecological system in Yunnan. Yunnan is the birthplace of the world’s tea tree. The ancestors of the tea live in the beautiful and mysterious land. We believe every leaf grown here is spiritual. This is the unique advantage of Yunnan tea. The development of the tea industry needs the cooperation in discovery and maintenance in order to make the most use of each leaf grown here.