Effects of Black Tea – What Chinese Research is Saying

Black tea is one category of the main Chinese tea. It is mild and sweet. A lot of people are drinking it. So, what’s the benefits of the black tea have on human body? The person in charge of the Chinese Drink Platform APP will share the effects of the black tea blow.

  1. Anti-cancer

The anti-cancer effect of the tea has been advocated frequently. A lot of researchers around the world have done many researches in order to prove such argument. However, it is normally considered that the anti-cancer effect is mostly shown in terms of the green tea. There is newly development made in the research, which has found that like the green tea, the black tea also has very strong effect in preventing cancer.

  1. Help vasodilation

In the American medical area, there is a research that is related with the black tea. The research finds that the patients, who drinks 4 cups of the black tea every day, the vasodilation degree has increased from 6% to 10%. The vasodilation degree is increased to 13% when normal people is stimulated.

  1. Diuresis

Under the join function of the caffeine and aromatic substances contained by the black tea, the amount of blood flow is increased in the kidney. Therefore, the glomerular filtration rate is increased, the microvasculature of the renal is expanded and inhibited the kidney tubular’s reabsorption of water. Therefore, the amount of urine is increased. Therefore, it is beneficial to for the body to get rid of the lactic, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (associated with high blood pressure), hazardous substance and others. Additionally, the edema caused by heart disease and nephritis can be eased.

  1. Anti-inflammatory function and kills the bacteria

The polyphenols contained in the black tea has the function of anti-inflammatory. Through the discovery of the experiment, the catechins can be combined with single cell bacteria, which will then help the coagulation and the precipitation of the protein. By this way, the pathogen can be inhibited and killed. Therefore, patients with bacillary dysentery and people was poisoned by food can drink black tea, which is quite beneficial for them. In the folk’s culture, people commonly used strong tea to wipe wound, bedsore and athlete’s food.

  1. Detoxification

According to the evidence from the experiment, the tea polybasic contained by the black tea can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, and then decompose and precipitate them. For modern people, who is suffered from the industrial polluted drinking water and food, this is nothing more than a gospel.