Emptiness of Mind Through Qigong

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Bio – Founder of Spring Forest Qigong
Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

The following is a complete transcription of an interview with Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest QiGong, as he helps us understand the relationship between emptiness of the mind and QiGong. Please note there are a few alterations to the text for fluency purposes. You can see the complete video, Emptiness and Qigong – Understanding the Correlation, here.


Emptiness – this word is not only often used in QiGong, it also in Buddhism practice and Taoist practice. First of all, QiGong has nothing to do with any religion. That is the bottom line. QiGong is all about health and about the science of the body.

But QiGong works very, very well with all of the beautiful religions, like Buddhism, Taoism – Taoism is not a religion, it’s a philosophy – and Christianity, etc.

The most powerful healing energy in the entire universe is love. QiGong focuses on the love. Love your body; love the universe. Bring harmony between you and the universe; between you and nature; between you and everybody around you.

From that perspective it works very, very well with everything around the world.

So now, the Qi in the body is vital energy. This vital energy, if you can get it activated, can help you to balance any energy blockages you have in the body.

This vital energy has another part to it. We call it ‘the intelligence’, or ‘the origin of your life’. This origin of life is very, very deep. It has all the information, or the blueprint, of your body. You can only activate or get in touch with this when your mind, your body, is in serenity. It’s very quiet.

Once you get into the quietness, into the serenity, into the nothingness – you can call it the emptiness – you are able to help yourself to re-download the information of your original life, your blueprint, to help you to balance or fix any damaged tissues or ‘wrong information’ in the body.

Talking about this, it is exactly like a computer. A long time ago, when I got my cell phone – they call it a smartphone – the system was in a mess and I was about to call my Teleseminar. It was about 10 minutes before it started when my smartphone – I was out of town and using my smartphone to do this call – was in a mess. I was not able to dial in, and I was panicking.

I called people and they said you need to go to your closest cell phone carrier and they can help you to fix it. I’ve got 10 minutes, how could I do that? So I called my friend who is a computer genius. He had a PhD and was the CEO of a company. I asked him, can you help out?

He said, “Okay, take three deep breaths, Master Lin. Turn the phone off and count to 10, then turn it on. That is it!”

When you turn it off, you bring that smartphone, that computer, back to silence. Then you help yourself to re-download all the information, and everything is back to normal again within 10 seconds.

That’s exactly what QiGong does. When you do those movements, and when you do meditation, you bring yourself to that moment. I call it serenity, peacefulness, stillness, and in the word said before, emptiness. In that serenity, you are able to re-download that blueprint, that information that will help you to heal, to balance. That is it.

That’s why QiGong is very effective for healing chronic problems, like helping to heal arthritis, cancer, diabetes, any of these kinds of chronic disease, MS, Parkinson’s, it’s very, very effective. You help yourself to go back to that serenity, to activate the intelligence of the body, the origin or blueprint of your life. It will bring that out to help you fix the damaged information, the damaged systems.