Tea on an Empty Stomach – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Having tea after a big meal is a great way to digest your food since it speeds up fat burning by stimulating the metabolism. Tea also helps increase blood flow, which slows down after a big meal, leading to lacking energy and hence less fat burning. Drinking a cup of green tea or Puer tea after means will help make you feel overall less bloated, and it has been the drink of choice for Chinese for thousands of years for accompanying food for this core reason.


However, if tea is drunk before a meal it may actually cause you to experience the opposite effect. By drinking a liquid that stimulates the metabolism you feel hungrier and are likely to eat more food at a meal instead. You may think that by counterbalancing this with more tea after a meal is a good idea, but this may cause the metabolism to slow down as it was activated beforehand and later calmed down with food intake.


This is not to say that tea is never drunk on an empty stomach, and it can certainly be enjoyed without food, but for those who are looking to lose weight we suggest that tea be drank after a meal. A great way to speed up fat burning though is to take tea before exercise precisely because it activates the metabolism, as is indicated in many reports. The whole point of exercising to lose weight is to get the metabolism burning and running fast so you may increase the efficacy of your exercises. Many people do not know this secret and instead take food beforehand to get more energy when in fact they should be taking a supplement that will help in their fat burning.


Drinking tea before a workout can increase fat burning by 20% and should be taken 30 minutes prior to a workout. In fact, in China many athletes will drink tea at a moderate temperature during their workouts and will continue to drink it afterwards but with GABA in order to help with muscle recovery. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, Chinese use tea for staying thin and it is a core drink at restaurants and the main drink next to water that is sold across super markets in the nation.


Many of the weight loss pills available in the market in fact are based off components such as catechins found in tea but are taken in pill form. Tea on the other hand is a better solution because natural tea leaves embedded with good Qi that have sprout from trees that have roots going back hundreds of years provide many other nutrients and energy otherwise not found in pill form. The leaves are much cheaper compared with pills and can be easily prepared either in sachet or loose-leaf forms.


Drinking tea after dinner also regulates the metabolism into the night while you sleep and helps the body’s blood circulate more freely. There is a direct link to tea increasing fat burning before and after food but the real magic comes at night when the body is resting. This is when most muscle growth and fat burning occurs as your body has time to adjust whatever changes have been made to it.


The fastest weight loss teas are Puer and Green Tea. Puer has a more energy taste and is better for the winter while green tea is lighter and probably a more suitable tasting tea for those new to the tea world. However, Jasmine and Oolong teas also have very similar qualities and are found more commonly in China compared with the other 2 so you may want to highly consider those with your lunches and dinners from here on out.