Things To Know About Chinese Tea – Evolution of Tea in China

China is the place where tea is originated. It is also the promoter and founder of the tea. The tea drinking habits of many countries are coming from China. They have formed their own tea culture based on the characteristics of their own countries. Then, since tea has been passed for so many years, a lot of amazing events have happened. Let’s get to know the big events about tea together. The “most” about the tea.

  1. The “tea bible” wrote by Lu Yu from Tang Dynasty are the earliest books on tea.
  2. The biggest tea gardens. The biggest tea garden has a total area of 16 million mu. It accounts for the It accounts for the 45% of the total tea gardens in the world.
  3. Tea has the most varieties. According to the statistics, there are 350 varieties of tea trees in China. Currently, the total number of varieties that are on the production line is more than 60.
  4. The most produced and most imported are green tea. The total world production capacity is 350,000 tons. The total amount of trading is about 78,925 tons. China has taken 66% and 72%, which is the top in the world.
  5. The seed selection of the tree tea is the earliest. According to the research, the seed selection of the tree tea starts in Jin Dynasty, which are earlier than the word record. According to the only “Dongxi tea test record”, the seed selection of the tree tea has about a thousand years of history.
  6. China has the most complete research and education system. China has 10 higher education institutes that have majors specialized in tea, have the most number of students in the world. Additionally, there are two national tea research institution, 13 provincial tea research institution.
  7. China is the country that discovered and used tea for the earliest time. According to the legend, before 2730 BC, “Shen Nong tried hundreds of herbs, he encountered 72 poisons, and used tea to get rid of the poison.” Based on this, Chinese people have discovered and used tree for about 4,700 years.
  8. China is the earliest country, which has planted the tree and promoted the tree. According to the historical record, early in the Xihan Dynasty, Chinese tea was used as beverage to trade in the foreign countries. In the early 9th century, Chinese tea was first introduced to Japan. Later on, it was introduced to Indonesia, India, Sir Lanka and other countries.
  9. The varieties of the tea are the most. Besides the traditional 10 famous teas (Xihu Longjin, Tangting Biluochun, Yellow Mountain Maofeng, Lushan Yunwu, Liu’an Guapian, Junshan Yinzhen, Xinyang Maojian, Wuyi Yancha, Anxi Tieguanyin, Qimen Black Tea), there are 50 other famous teas.
  10. The most types of the commercial tea. Besides black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, pressed tea, there are processed instant tea, tea bag, and other health tea and tea beverage. Each type of the tea has its own grade, which can be divided into thousands of species.