Looking Young with Facial Massages and Tea

Brigitte Lin, a 60-year-old Chinese lady still has white, bright and clean skin, without many wrinkles, and looks really energetic.


  1. Massage facial skin and remove wrinkles


Despite of some effective anti-wrinkle skin care products, facial skin massage will have the same function. Known to all, there are many acupoints in face area. Use fingers to gently press or circle on the face either before sleep or after you wake up. This effectively stimulates the blood circulation in facial area, speeds up the metabolism, and enhances elasticity and compacting degree of the skin. You look rosy with fewer wrinkles.


  1. Keep away from fried foods


Fried foods are not only low in nutrition, but also they contain many unintended or even toxic compounds. They will do harm to health. Brigitte Lin never ate fried foods when she was young, and this is one of the main reasons why she could keep her skin smooth and tender.


  1. Never make heavy makeup, shower for beauty


Brigitte Lin likes natural ways of beauty maintenance, not heavy makeup. She thinks heavy makeup will accelerate the aging of the skin. However, she is interested in showering for beauty. Showering is considered as an amazing way for beauty and replenishment. Apply some moisturizer after shower will hydrate the skin.


  1. Commitment to exercise


Exercise helps with the skin, and truly beautiful skin is healthy. Aerobics that Brigitte Lin is usually involved with include running and swimming. Yoga is another good option, and it helps build the shape. That is why Brigitte Lin is still slim even after 60.


  1. Keep spirits up


Physical function is closely related to mental condition. One’s skin looks not good if the spirit is low. A good attitude makes skin look smooth and shining. Females should keep a positive attitude, learn how to release pressure and maintain skin in good condition.


  1. Tea


Drinking tea helps keep the skin healthy and smooth as well as helps the body detoxify and digest.