Top Ten Famous Teas – Most Widely Consumed Teas in the World

Tea drinking is not just tea ceremony, or tea. The world’s famous teas can have thousands of names, colors, and tastes. In fact, most of them are from China. Different types of tea depend on the collection location, roasting time and process. It can be roughly divided into black tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea and pu-er tea. Now let’s talk about the 10 famous teas below.

Assam Tea from India

Produced in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. It belongs to black tea. The Assam black tea come with strong flavor, mixed with wheat flavor and sweetness. The producing period is relatively long. The color of the tea soup is shown in orange or dark red. Assam is in the south part of Himalayas, adjacent to Bhutan. The tea is produced all the seasons. You can drink with milk or sugar.

Indian Darjeeling tea

India West Bengal Darjeeling area, where the weather is hot and humid with sufficient rainfall. The teas produced here are black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea. There are three seasons of tea, the first season is the fresh tea collected in May. The leaves are relatively small. The second season is in May and June, which are collected before the rain season. The size of the tea leaves is medium, accompanied with the aroma of fruits and flowers. The third season are the rain season; it’s quality is relatively bad.

Dimbulla tea

Dimbulla is now Sri Lanka. The western and south part of the country is famous for producing black tea, among which the Dimbulla tea in February and March have the best quality. The soup is gold and bright, without bitter taste.

Uva tea

Strong and pure, growing up in the mountain, June is the best season to collect. The soup has little bit red with the flavor of violet. It is often used to brew milk tea.

Chinese Keemun Black Tea

“Keemun” is the black tea has unique flavor of fruit, produced in Keemun county of Anhui. With Darjeeling tea and Uva tea, they are the top three strong flavored tea. The tea is sweet, slightly red, without the flavor of flowers. It can be stored easily.

Chiense Wuyi Yan tea

Wuyi Yan tea grows in Wuyi mountain, north of Fujian Province. It is the top Oolong tea in China and one of the top ten famous teas in China. The locations grow the Wuyi yan tea are risky, which are normally in the concave of the rocks, gaps of the stones, and cracks of the rocks. It is what called “tea in every rock, no tea without rock”.

Chinese Pu-er Tea

The size of the tea leaves is big. Normally, they must go through fermentation process. The color is dark. The age of the tea matters, through special packaging, they can be stored for over 50 years. The clinic trials conducted in China, Japan and French have proved that the Pu-er tea can help lower the cholesterol and blood lipids, and the caffeine level is lower than other types of tea.

British Earl Grey

The British Earl Grey is mainly made from the black tea from China and Sri Lanka, adding bergamot oil. The similar tea is Lady Grey. Earl Gray is the Prime Minister of the Britain during mid-19th century. He is devoted to abolish slavery. The name was named when the official from Qing Dynasty gave Earl Gray the tea as gift. However, China was not using bergamot oil in producing tea. Therefore, this is questionable.

English breakfast tea

Mostly mixed with Assam tea, teas from Sri Lan and Kenya. The flavor is strong with a light flavor of flower. Normally, it is accompanied with British breakfast or strong tasted food. You can add milk or sugar to make milk tea.

Japanese Gyokuro

The one of the most precious tea in the world. The color is dark green. The tea collected in the Kyoto has the best quality. The farmers will use the straw to cover the buds before they sprout. Once the buds grow, expose them under the sun. It will reduce the astringency caused by tannin.