The most fashionable and creative way of tea drinking

The result of the best case selection of “Green development, sharing the future” 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is revealed yesterday in Shanghai. Since the start of the selection in April, it has attracted more than 400,000 people. The event has received 100 cases from 83 companies in Shanghai. Through the expert evaluation and public election, the final 49 CSR excellent cases are standing out.

Providing excellent product and services to the public

The CEO of Shanghai Tiantai Tea Technology LTD., Ye Yangsheng has accepted the interview from East Day as the recipient of the Annual Responsibility Innovated Award. He talked about Corporate Social Responsibility, he says:” First, you have to do your job right, providing society with safe and excellent products and services. Next, you have to a broad picture by looking at the whole tea industry. Because company and industry has an interdepend relationship. Only when the industry has a health development can a company talk about sustainable development.”

“LEPOW” creates new model for Chinese tea industry.

Wood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea are known as the seven things to open the door.   Tea drinking is very common in ancient China. The tea culture has a long and deep history in China. And tea is commonly known the healthiest beverage in the world. It is the best example of the oriental elegant living.

For many modern people, “Tea doesn’t taste good, hard to drink tea” is the problem. How to make the Chinese easy to drink has been the question that Ye Yangsheng has been thinking for many years. He thinks “if Chinese tea want to have the vitality, it must rely on the young people. In order to attract young people, it has to make the Chinese tea fashion, trendy and tasty.”

“LEPOW” is such tea, Ye Yangsheng introduced that “LEPOW tea machine” looks like a coffee machine. This system contains two core patents. The first, is the tea extract cup, which is the LEPOW cup. The cup contains the tea leaves that has passed standard packaging. Because the types and qualities of the tea are different, the brewing methods are different based on the tea. For example, if it is Tieguanyin, it should use 92 degree Celsius water and brewing for one minutes for the best taste. The Yunnan Pu-er is best with 98 degree Celsius water and brewed for 48 seconds. All this information is kept completely in the two-dimensional code in the LEPOW cup.

The second patent is the equipment used to produce the tea – the LEPOW tea machine. After you put the LEPOW cup into the machine, the machine will automatically follow the instruction on the two-dimensional code on the cup and complete the optimism brewing for the tea. This process is completely controlled by the microprocessor, which can smartly decode the “LEPOW code” and have the function of “dispel” the tea with steam. Because the standardization, it gives the almost the same taste of the same type of tea every single time. “LEPOW” has combined the two patents together, allowing everyone to become a fashionable tea expert in brewing. And realizing the standardization and simplicity of fresh tea brewing at the same time.

Internationalization, taking up the foreign market

As everyone knows, the traditional tea ceremony emphasizes on the self-cultivation and the ritual is completed, themed in “slow”. Will the capsule tea brewing machine impact the traditional tea ceremony? In response to this, Ye Yangsheng says, the smart tea ceremony is only simplification in terms of form, a fashionable expression. It may help the traditional tea ceremony to expand a new market. At the same time, the target of the “LEPOW” is to take up the foreign market. Now, it has launched in Japan already, which are gaining popularity there The next step is the American Market. So, the Chinese tea flavor can overflow all around the world.