Best Flowering and Blooming Tea According to Chinese Medicine

It is told that “In the spring, you should drink flower tea “, Chinese medicine think drinking flower tea in the spring can get rid of the chilliness accumulated in human’s body during the winter. The strong flavor of tea can promote the growth of the heat inside, making the “sleepiness in the spring” disappear. So, what flower teas are there? Which flower tea works the best? Please follow the editor to see the ranks of the top 7 flower teas.

Top 1 Mint chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea can nourish the liver and bright the eye. It is most appropriate to drink in the spring. Simultaneously, it has function of detoxification, lower the heat, good for throat, swelling and can resistant for harmful and radioactive substances. Using chrysanthemum and the refreshing mint together have better effect.

Top 2 Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea has quiet and pleasant aroma. Drinking this in the spring, it can not only be refreshing, cure the sleepiness in the spring, but also regulate the stomach function and good for your beauty.

Top 3 rose tea

Rose tea is mild with rich vitamin. It has the function of blood circulation, clear the liver, balance the endocrine and others. It can reduce the fatigue, improve body condition, which is suitable to drink in the spring.

Top 4 Lavender lemon tea

Lavender is loved by majority of the women. From the ancient time, it has the function of treating fatigue, and easing pressure. And lemon can increase excretion of urine, promote digestion and blood circulation, ease the headache. It can send out a light aroma that make people feel refreshed.

Top 5 chrysanthemum ginseng tea

Ginseng contains saponins and a variety of vitamins, which play a good regulatory role for the nervous system. It can improve the immunity and effectively get rid of fatigue. The chrysanthemum can reduce the heat and bright the eyesight. The combined tea has refreshing effect.

Top 6 Wolfberry tea

Wolfberry tea nourishes kidney, liver, and lung, bright the eyesight, stronger the body, and help with the tiredness. For office workers that spend a long period of time in front of computer, the wolfberry tea is very suitable. It can not only work against the sleepiness in the spring, but also ease the tiredness of the eyes.

Top 7 Lemon tea

This kind of tea can be phlegm, get rid of fatigue, ease the headache. The recipe is very simple, cutting a fresh lemon into 2 to 3 slices, adding 1 gram of sault, then brew it with hot water. This type of tea need to drink immediately. Once it turns cold, the flavor will become bitter. It can be drinking before or after eating, and don’t hurting stomach.