Ginger Tea and Congee

Making yourself a cup of drink helps you relax yourself in the refreshing fragrance. It is not only pleasant, but also good for keeping your skin young and fresh.

The free radicals in human body are aging factors, which have effects on the skin and cause blemishes on your skin. Ginger is the best solution for clearing blemishes, because an ingredient of it called Gingerols, which makes it spicy, turns out to be a very powerful antioxidant. In other words, it can remove free radicals quickly, and inhibit the generation of LPO (lipid peroxide) in your body. Therefore, it prevents or at least reduces lipofuscin deposition and has a better function of anti-oxidation even than the most popular antioxidant of today–vitamin E. It will be a better drink if ginger is matched with honey. The nutrition of honey improves the anti-oxidation process in the body, and makes your skin clean and smooth, while keeps it from paleness and dryness.

How to make honey ginger tea?

  1. Julienne the ginger after peeling it, then pickle them with brown or white sugar
  2. Place it under room temperature for 2 days. Soak it in a jar with honey for 25 days afterwards.

Then you are free to brew up your ginger honey tea with warm water.  Enjoy!

Shape Your Body with Light Meals

Having light meals is a good way to keep your from eating too many calories. In the chilly autumn and winter seasons, what will be a better light meal than a bowl of warm ginger congee? Ginger has been regarded as magic food for one’s health since a long time ago. Ginger congee helps to improve the process of metabolism. It burns the fat, and prevents us from eating too much, which is a good food of keeping you fit. According to the Chinese medicine, food is categorized in 2 types as Yin and Yang, in other words, cold or warm. And ginger falls in the Yang/warm type. To a large extent, the change of your weight depends on what type of food you have. Is it a Yin/cold type? Or Yang/warm type? The first type attracts more energy into the body, while the latter type pushes more energy out of your body.

Recipe of Ginger Congee:

Ingredients: 20g ginger; 100g rice; a few scallions

Preparation: Shred the ginger and scallions. Rinse the rice and cook it with water in a pot. When the congee is ready, cook with scallions and ginger for another 5-6 minutes. Take the congee once or twice a day, and keep it 3 to 5 days in a row.