Qigong Healing – Global Qi Healing Appointments for Optimal Health

Qi HealingCurrently there is one main organization that offers Qigong Healing and is a licensed NGO that has been running for 20 years – Spring Forest Qigong.

Based in Eden Prairie, MN, the organization offers a number of healing packages based in person and through distance healing. Spring Forest Qigong Founder Chunyi Lin is the main healer at the center in addition to Jaci Gran. The center has helped thousands of people recover from illnesses and help them realize their potential to heal. Testimonials of this can be found all over YouTube and we have also compiled a list of videos and reports for your own reference found here.

Qigong Healing may leave some feeling skeptic but in fact there has been numerous research done on it by professionals at the University of Minnesota and at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. According to a research report from Ann Vincent, MD, MBBS, at Mayo Clinic facilities in Rochester, patients with chronic pain who received external qigong experienced reduction in pain intensity following each qigong treatment. Reports such as this can be found on SFQ’s site in addition to many others from respected medical professionals, who do not endorse SFQ but instead used Qigong and the healing techniques under their own conditions to perform the research,

How does it work?

The types of Qigong treatment patients receive either through distance healing or in person are the same. In fact, Chunyi often encourages people to do it through long-distance form, as some may find it hard to relax for it in person.

While the results are the same, the methods used are slightly different. If someone goes in person to Spring Forest Qigong or receives it via distance healing from a qualified healer, which there are many all over the world due to Spring Forest’s certification program (see SFQ’s website for a list of healers across the world), essentially both methods are based around the following premises: detect blockages in the person’s body, clear the blockages, and send healing energy.

In person, the healer scans the body using a variety of methods including energy detection through signals the healer receives. If done through distance healing, a picture is required of the person who needs healing, as the healer will be able to detect the blockages by scanning the photo. From there, the healer sends energy to the person directly if in person or from mind to mind if through distance. At the end of either method, healing energy is placed and the receiver is usually given some recommendations as to what Qigong practices he or she should perform.

More on distance healing

To describe in detail how distance-healing works requires almost an entire book if you really want to understand all the details to it. In short, the premise of this is much like how Buddhists dedicate merit to other people or how the power of prayer can affect people. The difference with Qigong is there is religious connotation, and is based around the transformation of energy from one being to another, using frequencies of the body’s physical body and sending them via consciousness. Everything is consciousness and energy, and everything is connected. To see a very unique common example that is different in procedure, but that follows a similar concept, you can check this video.

Another way to think of this is how the sun feeds energy to the earth. The sun and the earth are separated far away and yet, the sun is capable of sending light and warmth to everything on earth, allowing for plenty of energy to grow food and cultivate human existence. The mind’s transformation of energy to another energy being is as scientific and real as this, and distance is not a factor if the healer knows how the correct method of energy sending. Everyone is capable of doing this, but like all skills or knowledge need to be learned. It just so happens that SFQ’s healing techniques are based around thousands of years of Chinese Neigong/Qigong healing techniques from China that Chunyi has simplified and put together in a safe way for everyone to experience.

Are there any dangers?

Everyone picks up on certain kinds of energies. Sometimes when you walk into a room you get a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe”. To have someone send you energy in an effective and positive manner in which you can bebefit the most, you need to receive this from someone who is qualified under the Spring Forest Program, as they need to learn not only the techniques of how to send healing energy but also learn how to encompass universal love and an open heart for truly wanting to help someone heal. To reach this level means qualified healers need to go through a certain level of training if you request a healing through SFQ. However, if you have completed some of the basic courses and want to help others heal you are not forbidden and in fact encouraged to try using basic techniques, but mentioning the protocol for so-called qualified healers is important to know rather than seeking out someone who may be fake or unqualified.