Considering green-tea skincare products? Check polyphenol content

Many people know green tea can lighten the skin, and a lot of skin-lightening cosmetic products on the market contain green tea ingredients. However, for a product that claims to contain green tea, it must use proper amount of tea polyphenols to truly prevent oxidation.

Green tea contains green tea polyphenols,GTP and vitamin C. Their benefits for human health has been recognized by the public for a long time, and in recent years, science has proven the effects of tea polyphenols in preventing oxidation, inflammation and cancer. Except for those, green tea contains ingredients that can lighten the skin, such as flavonoid and ellagic acid; there fore green tea extracts are widely used in cosmetic products.

For a product to effectively prevent oxidation, its tea Polyphenols concentration has to be 50% to 90%, which would turn the product into a deep brown color. Many skin-lightening products on the market contain tea polyphenol concentration that is too low for it to be effective. Therefore before buying a product that that advertised as containing green tea, we suggest that you check its tea polyphenols concentration.

Moreover, exposure to air can affect the stability of tea Polyphenols, and its large particles are difficult to penetrate the skin, therefore customers should carefully chose a product that is manufactured by solid science and technology.