Spring Forest Guild – Become a Member with SFQ

If you are a student at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre then you may be able to benefit even more by signing up to the SFQ Guild. This international guild offers a range of benefits to all students of Qigong and you may be able to save yourself a lot of money if you sign up. In fact, Spring Forest Guild membership is essential for an students looking to tackle the SFQ home study courses, because not only will they make the process easier and cheaper, but you will also be given access to helpful teleseminars and meetings that you just can not find anywhere else.

So, just what is the Spring Forest Guild, what can it do for you and what sort of membership packages are available?

Guild Membership

There are three different membership packages available at the Spring Forest Guild, and which one you choose depends on your budget and on what you want to get out of it. These packages are aimed at individuals and families, and if your family are also into Qigong, then it’s very easy to give them all access to Spring Forest Guild benefits.

The three main packages are:

  • Guild: This is the most basic membership on offer for the Spring Forest Guild. It costs just $75 a year and gives full access for a single SFQ student. They can access a number of benefits, all of which are discussed below.
  • Guild Family: This membership costs a little bit more, totaling a little under $100 per year. The benefits are the same as well, and the only difference besides the price is the fact that this membership gives all of your family access and not just you. For a little extra money, you can basically get memberships for several more students.
  • Guild Plus: This is the most expensive package and costs twice the amount of the Guild Family package. Guild Plus will give you and your immediate family access to all of the benefits associated with the other membership packages and you will also get some extra benefits, mentioned below.

Guild Benefits

The main benefit that you will get from the Guild Plus package is the ability to listen in to four 30-minute telephone calls, all of which are led by Master Lin. These take place during the Solstice and Equinox dates, at which point there is even more energy in the universe that you can tap into. These are valuable healing calls, ones that are incredibly beneficial to all students.

You won’t get access to these calls if you signup for one of the other packages, but there are a number of other benefits, all of which are available regardless of which package you purchase:

  • Local Meetings: There are as many as 12 meetings that all guild members are invited to. These aim to improve your understanding and expand your mind. These meetings take place in Twin Cities, Minnesota and they are led by expert Qigong practitioners. These are a great way to further your knowledge and to meet likeminded people as everyone at these meetings are as passionate about Qigong as you are.
  • Recorded Meetings: If you are unable to make it to Minnesota to take part in these meetings, which will almost certainly be the case for students here in Australia, then you can simply download recordings of them via the Guild website instead. There is a back catalogue of these available and all new ones are uploaded after the meeting takes place.
  • Discounts: As well as meetings and phone calls, you can also save a lot of money as a member of the Spring Forest Guild. This is thanks to the discounts that all members can take advantage of. You will get 10% off SFQ merchandise and materials and you will also get 10% off many of the courses, seminars and retreats offered by the SFQ, including those held at the Healing Centre and those available over the phone.
  • Teleseminars: There are monthly practice group meetings and teleseminars for all members. These are led by SFQ experts and master healers and aim to teach you techniques, tips and tricks that can improve your standing as a practice group leader and as a healer. Teleseminars are live phone calls that are accessed by a number of students at the same time. All of these calls are recorded and they are available for download after they have finished, so don’t worry if you miss them as your membership allows you to download them whenever you want.