Gyokuro Tea: Are There Weight Loss Benefits?

If you are wondering if there are weight loss benefits from drinking Gyokuro tea you will be glad to know there are! This premium grade green tea known as Gyokuro (which directly translates into Jade Dew) has a sweet, soft marine taste and fragrant aroma.


By drinking gyokuro tea you will not only enjoy its wonderful flavour but also you will have positive health benefits as a side effect. If you don’t drink gyokuro tea, you will be missing out on enjoying its fantastic taste and potential health benefits.


So what makes Gyokuro Tea so special compared to other green teas? The answer lies in its cultivation process.


Although Gyokuro tea is made from the same plant as other green teas, gyokuro leaves are shaded from sunlight while growing for 20 days before harvesting. This reduced photosynthesis changes the amount of flavanoids, amino acids, caffeine and sugars in the plant in turn affecting the color, taste and flavor of the tea. The youngest buds are harvested and immediately steamed to stop oxidation and to preserve their unique flavor. Next they are rolled and air-dried and only the finest quality leaf grades are used to make Gyokuro.


When it comes to Gyokuro tea and it’s weight loss benefits it can be attributed to the antioxidants contained within the tea. In particular an antioxidant called EGCG speeds up your metabolism and helps you to burn more fat. Drinking gyokuro tea also helps suppress your appetite preventing you from making unhealthy food choices.


Other health benefits of Gyokuro tea include:


Lower Risk Of Cancer

Antioxidants work to neutralise and attack free radicals in your body. This is important because free radicals are what damage cells in your body and are responsible for the growth of tumors.

The antioxidants in gyokuro tea will make your cells less likely to be affected by mutations and possibly even aid in cell repair.


Mental Alertness

Due to the shading process that Gyokuro leaves undergo the theanine and caffeine content is high in this particular kind of tea. The caffeine and theanine in gyokuro tea act as healthy stimulants and will help with your brain function, concentration and focus throughout the day.


Prevent Heart Disease

The polyphenols contained in Gyokuro tea raise the good cholesterol in your body and help remove the bad ones. It does so by reducing the fatty deposits in your blood arteries and blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.


Dental Health

Gyokuro tea helps with dental health because of the presence of fluoride and minerals. These act as an antiviral agent to combat tooth decay, bacterial infections and plaque. It will also help your breath smell fresher.


As you can see there are many benefits to drinking Gyokuro tea apart from its wonderful taste. Not only will you receive weight loss benefits by drinking Gyokuro tea you will also lower your risk of cancer, improve your mental alertness and stimulate your brain, prevent heart disease and improve your dental health.