8 types of tea that will hurt your health

Although the concept that drinking tea has been deeply rooted among the people, the deputy director at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of tea processing research center Lin Zhi tell the reporter at “Life Time” that drinking tea doesn’t necessarily mean good for health. Sometime if you drink the wrong tea or drink the tea wrong, it may harm your health. Thus, you should not drink the tea.

  1. Strong tea. Strong tea contains a large amount of caffeine, theophylline, which creates strong irritation to the stomach. After drinking, it might cause insomnia, headache and discomfort, some people may vomit. Drinking strong tea for a long time, will even harm your bone. American scientist has found that the people who drink 5 cup of strong tea every day, have 70% higher risk of getting bone fracture in hip. The chance is over 80% if the person drink over 7 cups of strong tea per day.
  2. Molded tea. The tea is molded because it is contaminated by penicillium, aspergillus and other microbial. The molded tea has lost the flavor, and will harm human body, such as dizziness, diarrhea, and even cause the necrosis of important organ. The molded tea normally can find white moldy on the surface of the tea. You can smell the mildew, which is even more apparent when you brew it. The tea should be stored in dry place to prevent mildew.
  3. Flavor contaminated tea. Tea contains terpenoids, the porous structure is very sensitive to odor and easily absorb them. After storing with stuff with flavor for a while, the flavor of the tea changes easily. Some odor contains toxins, such as paint, camphor and others, which will cause harm to human body. When you store the tea, it is better to stay away with flavored food to prevent contamination. Different types of tea should be stored separately.
  4. Tea brewed for a long time. The color of tea will become darker, the taste will be bad, and lost the value of drinking after the tea brewed for a long time. Also, because the vitamin, amino acid and others will reduce due to oxidation, which largely lowered the nutritional value of the tea. Additionally, the tea has been there for a long time, it is easily get contaminated by the surrounding. It is very unsanitary.
  5. Overly hot tea. The tea is normally brewed with hot water. However, you shouldn’t drink it immediately. Otherwise, it will burn the mouth and esophageal mucosa, causing ulcers. Over time, it might cause oral cancer, esophageal cancer. The study says, if the tea temperature is 70 degree, the risk of getting esophageal cancer is 8 times higher.
  6. Raw tea. The raw tea is refereeing to the green tea that after withering without rolling roasted directly. The substances in the tea is similar to the fresh tea leaves, which is very irritation to stomach. When elderly people drink such tea, it can cause stomachache. Young people drink it might also feel discomfort in the stomach. This type of raw tea, it is better not to drink directly. You can put in the iron pan without oil and fry the tea in low. After the smell is coming out, you can stop and use it.
  7. Over cooked tea. If the tea roasted too much during the making procedure, the tea will have the burning smell. The effective nutrition substances in the tea are largely damaged, and might contains some carcinogens. Therefore, either from nutritional perspective, or safety perspective, the over cooked tea should not be used.
  8. Over night tea. Over night tea has been exposed to the air for too long. The amino acid, carbohydrates and other substances will become the breeding nutrients for bacteria, mold. What’s more, the amount of polyphenols, vitamins and other nutrients contains will be reduced.