Qigong Healer Training – Holistic Healing Certification & Programs

You have the potential to be a healer, to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Master Lin, who founded the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and is one of the most celebrated Qigong masters in the world. If you train at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, then you can work your way from the bottom to the top, before acquiring the talent you need to become a teacher yourself.

Born A Healer

This is a book that was written by Master Lin, and if you want to repeat his success, then it is a great place to start. The full title of this book says it all, “I was born a healer, you were born a healer, too!” Basically, everything that Master Lin had when he started out, is also in you, and if you learn enough, then you too can become a Qigong expert.

This book describes Master Lin’s experiences, growing up in China before moving to the United States. He relays experiences of being ill and struggling to overcome this illness, before stumbling onto Qigong and realising that he was onto something special. This practice changed Master Lin’s life. It allowed him to heal himself, to found the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, to teach countless students and to live a long, healthy and happy existence.

As well as sound advice from Master Lin, this book also contains testimonials from many students at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. Because if these stories don’t inspire you to learn all there is to learn and to become a teacher, then nothing will.

“Born A Healer: I was born a healer, you were born a healer, too!” is available on Amazon and it can also be found on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website, in both softback and hardback form. You can also request it from your local bookstore, although it was released some years ago and they may need to order it in for you.

The Wisdom Embodiment Package

The Wisdom Embodiment Package is one of the most important courses that you can take when it comes to honing your healing abilities. This is an advanced course, and one that is only available to level 4 students. The Wisdom Embodiment Package was actually a retreat held by the SFQ, and one that that took place over the course of a few days. This retreat was attended by a large number of students and it was led by Master Lin, who lectured those students on advanced techniques and also guided them through meditations. There are a lot of videos to get through here, and by the end of the course you will have developed a greater understanding of Qigong and will be one step closer towards becoming a Qigong teacher yourself.

The Wisdom Embodiment Package covers all of the following:

  • Rainbow Meditation: This can be purchased as a separate, level 4 meditation guide, but it is included in the the Wisdom Embodiment Package as well. This meditation focuses on developing your third eye, which you will need to do as a Qigong master and tutor. It also helps you to heal, opening main channels in your body and cleansing your energy. This meditation is especially important if you have problems with your bone marrow.
  • Fasting and Dieting: These two areas are also covered in the Wisdom Embodiment Package, and the main goal of this portion of the course is to help you to get more from your fasting, information that you can one day pass onto your students, and information you can also use to better yourself.
  • Instant Emptiness: Beginner students often struggle with attaining a state of compete relaxation and are simply not able to switch off. This segment of the course teaches you techniques that can help with that, techniques that you can teach your beginner students in the future.
  • Healing: There are many healing techniques discussed in the Wisdom Embodiment Package, all of which are beneficial to a Qigong teacher. These include dream healing techniques and remote healing techniques. These are usually reserved for the elite Qigong practitioners, but you have come a long way, and this is the point where you will make that transition from student to elite master yourself.

The Wisdom Embodiment Package can also help to heal you, and it’s not all about preparing you for a career as a Qigong healer. In fact, it can help with all of the following:

  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol)
  • ADD
  • HIV
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Problems
  • Cancer
  • Bone Marrow Problems